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I wrote a post last week about the importance of writing thank you notes, and included a great website. Well, when it rains it pours. Verse It is another inspirational website for wording and addressing for every occasion. I'm having a blast surfing their website. Side question: do people actually still use the term surfing or am I just l-a-m-e?

ANYWAYS, they offer a huge selection of wording for all sorts of events and also a pretty informative FAQ. Here is a great invitation for a surprise birthday party invitation:

The Big Kahuna is 40[YEARS]...

It's [NAME] Birthday and we
want you to climb aboard the Big Kahuna's Yacht
to help us celebrate his launch into the Sea of Senility


The Big Yacht will set sail at [TIME]

Shhh! Keep it a secret...
we don't want [NAME] to think anything's fishy!

Hosted by the Kahuna's kids
Please R.S.V.P. by [DATE]

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