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Supper Bowl Party

I've been concentrating heavily on weddings but I really want this blog to be about all forms of entertaining. With that in mind, there is a H-U-G-E party day rapidly approaching ... Super Bowl XLIII on February 1st, 2009. Personally, I'm more into the commercials that air during the Super Bowl. It's amazing how much money is spent on those precious seconds during the game. Whether you're a fan of the sport of not, Super Bowl Sunday is a perfect excuse to get your family or friends together. Cheese are a few ideas that will score you a touchdown!

This would be the perfect invite!

What would football be without beer? Well, That's The Spirit offers up some fun twists to turn classic beer into a swanky cocktail:

The Classic Shandy: Background: Both the American Heritage® Dictionary and UK legislation have defined the "shandy", short for "shandygaff," as a mixture of beer and ginger beer, ginger ale or lemonade. This drink gives all the pleasures of beer with the refreshment of lemonade - a tangy, tasty drink. This old English tradition dates back to the 17th century. Although the origin is not clearly known, some believe that is was named after a local English pub where the beer was not of the best quality and was "flavored" with a sweet lemon mixture. Fill a pilsner or beer mug with lager and top with ginger ale, ginger beer or lemonade. If you are a bit more adventurous, try a Shandy with limeade. Don't be afraid to add ice to this drink. You can't do that with your beer.
Lager and Lime: Add a dash of lime juice or lime cordial to a light lager.
Snakebite: Mix your favorite beer (usually a heavier beer, like stout, works well) half and half with cider.
Black Velvet: Mix stout and champagne, half and half.
Beer Bloody Mary: Mix beer and tomato juice, half and half. Add a dash of Tabasco and a dash of Worcestershire.
Red Eye: Add a shot of tomato juice to any ale or lager (this cocktail is also known as Tomato Beer or a Red Rooster). If you add a splash of Tabasco, the drink becomes a Ruddy Mary.
Liverpool Kiss: Mix a dark beer with Cassis.
BeeSting: Dark beer and orange juice.
Skip and Go Naked: Combine beer, lemon juice and gin, with a dash of grenadine.
Broadway: Popular in Japan, mixing beer and cola is known as a Broadway
Caribbean Night Beer and an ounce of coffee liqueur.
South Wind: Beer with a shot of melon liqueur.

Of course, what would a Super Bowl party be without food? Food Network has some yummy recipes, like Six Layers and a Chip Dip, Teriyaki Chicken Wings, Slacker Jacks and much more!

A football game can seem to take forever to finish. Keep your party going strong by incorporating a few fun games during the time outs, half time or commercials. Try playing football charades. Divide your guests into teams and give each team five word cards that you've prepared in advance. Everyone takes turns trying to get their team to guess the football related word that they're acting out. The team that guesses the most words wins. Use a timer to keep the game from running into the next quarter. Here are several possible words for your game: cheerleader, helmet, football, touchdown, referee, coach, team, field goal, beer or buffalo wings.

The possibilities are endless for your Super Bowl party. It can be simple with wings and a keg, or elaborate with invites and centerpieces. No matter what you do, it should be fun!! So, what are YOUR ideas? Share 'em!!!

Centerpiece courtesy of InStyle Parties and if you are interested in recreating, take a flat of wheatgrass and stick with mini football players and goal posts.
Invite courtesy of Free Printable Greeting Cards
Beer Cocktails courtesy of That's The Spirit
Lager & Lime photo courtesy of Drink Swap
Six Layers and a Chip Dip Photo courtesy of Food Network

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