Life is a special occasion

LDE Press: Lauren Daversa Events in The Knot Magazine

Lauren Daversa Events is proud to finally announce that one of our custom designed weddings is currently featured as a Real Wedding in the Summer - 2011 issue of The Knot Florida Magazine!

That's right, The Knot loved our oceanside Key Largo wedding so much that they decided to share Daryl + John's amazing celebration with everyone! Please check out their full wedding post here! And thank you to Ashley and Phillip of 1313 Photography for their beautiful shots and to all the vendors who helped in creating such a memorable event!

Featured : Junebug Weddings

Not once, but twice, this fabulous couple has had their engagement shoot - shot by the acclaimed Adagion Studio - featured on a major blog. This time their urban NYC rendezvous is the center of attention on Junebug Weddings. Hello...this is ah-ma-zing! It was a great week last week when I received the email they were to be featured on Merci New York and now Junebug Weddings! Seriously...incredible!

Here it is...Sara + Drew + Cengiz are all incredibly fabulous - and this is exactly what happens when you bring it all together.

A very big thank you to Junebug Weddings for showing Cengiz the love he deserves! He is truly a talented artist, I am absolutely in love with his work and I am honored to be able to work with him.

Lauren Daversa Events is literally dotting our i's and crossing our t's with all the final preparations for Sara + Drew's wedding celebration. We are less than thirty days away so be sure to check back soon so see his amazing artistry with this most epic wedding in the making!

Featured : Merci New York

You know it's going to be a great week when you receive an email that your clients are going to be featured on Merci New York! My dear friend Cengiz of Adagion Studio emailed me just moments ago to share the news about our most amazing clients, Sara + Drew, who I literally just introduced last week. Sara brought the amazing-ness with her red shoes and Drew rocked a pocket square - they are all sorts of right!

Now all of NYC and the blog-world can enjoy Adagion Studio's simply fabulous engagement session, which really is the perfect fit as a feature on the chic and stylish Merci New York blog. A big thank you to Merci New York for the love and please check out the post here...and try to contain the anticipation for Sara + Drew's big day, which is only weeks away!!

Sara + Drew

Meet Sara + Drew!

Introduced to me by a client - thank you Andrea :-) - it's been amazing since our first telephone conversation. We only started to plan their May wedding in the very beginning of 2011, and are now we are almost 4 weeks out from the big day!

This past weekend, they had their engagement session with Cengiz, the unbelievably talented artist behind Adagion Studio. I am so proud of this e-shoot, and like a proud mama, I literally showed them to an entire room of people when the pictures popped up on my phone last night.

So, takling the fact Cengiz turned it around in less than 24 hours - seriously, who does that? - the pictures are absolutely fabulous. The city is alive in each and every image, and Sara + Drew even more so as they run wild throughout the concrete jungle - the two love nuts they are!!! The energy between them is perfectly captured. Their happiness, their comfort, their style (hello, Drew rocks a pocket square!).

Cengiz, you have serious skills. I can't wait for the beautiful Montauk wedding...4 weeks and counting! For now, enjoy each and every part of this classic shoot, and be sure to check out all the photos and much more on Cengiz's blog!