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LDE Press: Lauren Daversa Events Voted by The Knot as Best Of Weddings 2016

Very proud to announce that after a lot of rating and reviewing, Lauren Daversa Events has been selected as one of The Knot's Best of Wedding Planners for 2016!  Feeling pretty blessed to be one of the highest rated wedding planners!

Always, a big thank you to The Knot for their continued recognition and support.  And the biggest always, and biggest thank you to ALL of our fabulous clients - LDE loves you too!

LDE Press: Lauren Daversa Sharing the Inside Scoop with The Knot Magazine

No matter what you do for a living, it is always exciting and an honor to be recognized for your work. And when the recognition comes from an industry titan, well, all that can be said is, "Amazingness!" Lauren Daversa Events is happy, flattered, blessed and humbled to share an article I was asked to contribute to, for The Knot Magazine!

Here is a confession, I am terrible at keeping the LDE blog current with any press, publications, features, articles.  As of tonight, I am officially turning over a new leaf, and making a 2nd quarter resolution to stay ore on top of sharing LDE recognition. 

I'm proud to admit that 2016 marks Lauren Daversa Event's 8th year in business, and cannot believe it will mark my 22nd year as an member of the hospitality and special events industry.  My, how does the time fly when you are planning fun!  Forgetting the age factor, it's cool to know that I am personally just as pumped today to plan events, as I was when I was just starting -- at fifteen years old! Seriously, time really does fly by when you are planning fun!  Already, 2016 has been an incredible year, with beautiful clients and gorgeous weddings.  I can share, 2017 is not going to slow down.  All of our upcoming events and inspiration projects are truly incredible, featuring the work of very talented wedding pros!  It's going to be great to unveil for everyone to see the end result of all the planning, hard work, and just what we create over here at LDE!!!

So keep checking back with the blog to see all the shenanigans and happenings going on at LDE, as we plan from Palm Beach to New York to Florence, and all that lies in between!  And also, be sure to say hello to us on Instagram - we've set up a super fun account under MsLaurenDaversa

And again, a big thank you - thank you - thank you to The Knot for your continued support! 

Real Moment: Danielle & Kyle's Montauk Wedding

Wedding season in New York is almost here! And what better way to prepare for these upcoming celebrations of love than by sharing images from our own LDE NYC weddings!

Seriously, how breathtaking is this LDE couple?  The moment was captured beautifully by Heather Waraksa from their first look at a private location in Montauk. The ultra fabulous bride wore Hayley Paige, and staying on level with his bride, the groom had a custom Coppley suit made at Rothmans New York.  Be on the lookout for the full reveal of Danielle & Kyle's Montauk Wedding at Sole East.

For now, say hello to us on Instagram - we've set up an account under MsLaurenDaversa. And of course, always check the blog to see all the shenanigans and happenings going on at LDE, as we plan from Palm Beach to New York to Florence, and all that lies in between!

Real Wedding : Olivia + Nicholas' Palm Beach Wedding at Flagler Museum

Today, this week, this month, this year, I have been taken aback by how fast the time has been flying by!  More than anything else, I feel blessed LDE's business is living in this reality! All the hours, meetings, calls, emails, text messages, the office work, the planning, the planning, the planning, the effort, the personalities, all the behind-the-scenes happenings clients' never know about...the job description is never ending. And as challenging as this profession is, it will never be too challenging to change how much I love my job! I could never imagine dedicating this much too anything else - except of course, The Princess!

This year, LDE has had the pleasure of working with some pretty fabulous couples!  After the wedding has come and gone, it is a little difficult that the meeting and calls between our favorite clients become less.  Which is why it so exciting when we receive that special email sharing the good news that the wedding photos and trailer are available!  It is so exciting to be able to go back to the wedding day, the day we spent over 365 days planning!   And today was that day when Black Label Wedding Films shot me the text, "Olivia and Nicholas' highlight is live!!"

The Newlyweds
all Photos courtesy of

To be honest, Olivia and Nicholas deserve an epic poem of praise.  They are the couple where every second we spent together, on the phone, texting, emailing, of course when we had in person planning meeting, they were always a true joy!  

Below is the trailer of their wedding day, created by Black Label Wedding Films.  It is a beautiful glimpse of their gorgeous wedding celebration at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum!

Check out the village it took to create Olivia + Nicolas' Flagler Henry Morrison Flagler Museum : 

Be sure and check back for the full recap of Thompson Photography Group's wedding pictures of our Henry Morrison Flagler Museum wedding extravaganza! And of course, always check in to see the shenanigans and happenings at LDE, as we continue to plan from Palm Beach to New York, Florence and all that lies in between!