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Clay Wieland Photography

Bride N & Groom C have chosen their wedding photographer! Clay Wieland.

Clay Wieland, has been photographing people, places, and things in South Florida since 1989. He started his career in the photojournalism field and this has allowed him to approach each wedding or assignment with an unobtrusive style. Anticipating the Bride’s next move, the mother’s hug, a soft touch, and the groom’s smile, he captures and documents the moment in time.

Through Clay's visual imaging, your wedding story is told, and preserved for lifetimes to come. His studio is located in the Historic downtown area of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in his hometown community called Rio Vista. From traditional church settings, to intimate home weddings, his attention to detail and personalized service will help to make your wedding day one to remember for generations.

Bride N, Groom C and I are all very excited to work with Clay on their special day, which is only four months away!!!

Photo courtesy of Clay Wieland

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