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Emergency Kit

Having an emergency kit for your big day is sort of like having insurance. And I think Chris Rock said it best in Bigger and Blacker you need insurance, "in case sh*t happens." And you know what, sh*t ALWAYS happens! So, don't kid yourself.

And because there's nothing more I like to do than keep a running list, here is the start of a new reference list for those of you who have not enlisted the help of a fabulous wedding planner, such as Lauren Daversa Events, to bail you out of the unexpected crisis that will inevitably arise on your wedding day. I give you...the what you might not remember to put in your emergency kit list!

  • A list of contact numbers for all members of the bridal party and every vendor
  • Toothpaste, floss, a toothbrush, and breath mints
  • A small sewing kit
  • Hand lotion, hairspray, bobby pins, hair ties, deodorant, makeup, and a compact mirror
  • Spare earring backs and spare pearls
  • Lilli-pops or hard candy, granola bars, saltines or crackers
  • Directions to all event sites, including the church, picture sites, reception venue and hotel
  • List of the closest 24 hour Walmart, grocery store and package store

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Corporate Event Planning Tip : Camera Ready Wardrobe

As I shared in a previous post, I've recently returned to my roots...meeting planning and coordinating corporate events. One question I get asked a lot by brides is, "What should I wear for my engagement shoot?" ATTENTION CORPORATE CLIENTS, you should be thinking the same thoughts if you are hosting or speaking at an event, or will be on stage or camera. Whether it's a board meeting or a gala...your outfit is not what you want people to remember about you.

In an effort to lead you down the right path, remember the following tips when putting together your camera ready wardrobe for an event, so the spotlight will show the BEST you!

• Wear an outfit that is comfortable. Not sure if your outfit is comfy enough? Try this very simple test...sit down. That's right, make sure the outfit is still just as comfortable when you are sitting down as it is when you are standing up.

• Avoid small, high contrast patterns, lines, bold checks or plaids like the plague. They create distracting optical illusions, which are hard on the eye and on camera. If you want to kick your outfit up a notch, pick a solid color and throw on a colorful scarf or bow tie.

• A white shirt or white dress will reflect a lot of light. In fact white reflects too much light. Opt for a more neutral color like beige or stone. Or try a pastel color like blue, yellow, pink or purple.

• Ladies, keep in mind the length of your dress or skirt. Also be aware when walking up stairs because the people below you might be able to see your goods. That is, if your outfit is too short. In addition, if there is going to be cameras at the event, they tend to be placed at low levels. Again, be aware of your outfit...low level cameras leaves the door wide open for you to share your goodies with everyone in high def. Stick with a pair of slacks, tuxedo pants, a knee length or longer skirt or dress to keep the goods to yourself.

• Stay clear of trims like large bows or numerous ruffles. Like patterns, they are distracting.

• Guys, remove pens, phones, eyeglasses, chapstick...whatever, from your pockets. They are distracting and even worse, can leave people asking themselves, "Is that a gun in his pocket, or is he just happy to see us?"

The proper wardrobe selection will keep you shining like the corporate star that you are! You'll look phenomenal on camera and in print and leave everyone highly impressed. Keep in mind that these tips are literally the tip of the iceberg. To ensure you look the best for an event, and if your budget allows it, why not seek the help of a professional stylist. If your working with a smaller budget, ask a friend or family member who will tell you the truth about how you look. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Share the Love

An amazing event!! Some of South Florida's leading photographers in association with SoFly Photographers, are coming together for “Share the Love” a photography event benefiting the Sow a Seed Organization.

On Saturday, January 30, from 9-2, 30 minute mini sessions will be held in downtown Hollywood (118 S. 20th Avenue, Hollywood, Florida 33020) for $100 per session. All proceeds will go to benefit Sow A Seed. 100% of print sales profits will also benefit Sow a Seed. People are encouraged to arrive early as sessions will be provided on a first come first serve basis. A representative from Sow a Seed will be present to accept the $100 donations as well as to educate the participants on its mission in Haiti. All images will be available for viewing online and participants will be able to purchase prints for personal use. What a great way to let the love and beauty of your family help those less fortunate.

Jupiter Wedding Planner : 101

Sometimes I get emails from the parents of engaged couples that say something like this, "My daughter is recently engaged. We are planning a wedding here in Jupiter. We don't know if we should hire a wedding planner." Basically asking me why they should hire a wedding coordinator and I love this question because there are so many reasons why! So many in fact, I've decided to compose a list! By the way, this list is not in any type of order :-)

1 - TIME

The average (key word here is average) wedding can take more than two hundred and fifty hours over the course of nine to twelve months to plan.

There are emails, phone calls, follow up phone calls, follow-up on following-up phone calls, consultations, multiple site visits, contracts, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And these are just the basics if everything goes as planned.

Part of hiring a wedding or corporate event planner is because many couples / clients lead an extremely hectic lifestyle and don't have the time or flexibility to deal with the big and small details that are necessary to plan an event. Hiring a coordinator ensures that someone will be able to examine all the options and recommend what is best. Hiring a coordinator means that someone is going to ensure that every single detail is seen to the way it needs to be. Hiring a coordinator gives you the time to enjoy your engagement and your wedding instead of running around for nine to twelve months with so much on your plate you think you might self combust at any moment.

Ultimately, saving time translates into saving the client money but this is for another post!

Lauren Daversa Events is a full service event planning boutique specializing in all social and corporate events.
Known for their fresh and innovative style and personal attention to clients, Lauren Daversa Events is South Florida's premiere wedding and special event planning company!

daryl + john

On Sunday, one of my bride's sent me the link to their recent e-shoot. Before I even clicked the link I knew I would be posting their images on my blog, which is actually something I need to start getting in the habit of doing more often. It was actually my new year resolution! So, as I was scrolling through the AWESOME pictures Ashley Colhouer captured of seriously one of my fav-fav couples, Daryl & John, I knew I had to fulfill my resolution! These two are such a cute couple, so in love, and have the most creative ideas for their wedding. It's going to be a great event, but until then...

For more pictures of Daryl & John visit 1313 Blog!

Save The Date : 2

Save The Date design for Jane and Patrick's Jack & Jill baby shower!!!

Do you love this save the date? Well, it can be yours! If you are interested in this design, or if you would like a custom creation for your wedding or special event, please contact

L | D Finds : Ashley Colhouer Wedding Photography Giveaway

My good friend and fabulous wedding photographer, Ashley Colhouer, is hosting her own 2010 Wedding Photographer Giveaway and she wants to hear from you! That's right, she wants to hear about couples who have an inspiring story or have overcome great odds and hurdles. If you tell her why they should be the ones to have Ashley Colhouer to shoot their wedding, then they may receive their shoot for FREE!

You have between now and February 10th to submit a couple that you feel deserves it, or even yourself if you feel that you fit the criteria. The winner will be announced February 14th. Here's what the winning couple will receive:
• 8 hours of wedding day coverage
• Online viewing and ordering gallery
• 2 photographers (Phillip and Ashley)
• Engagement Session
• High resolution digital negatives on DVD

Here are the rules:
• The story must be inspirational and/or about a couple that has overcome great odds
• The couple must have their wedding date and venue set in stone
• Ashley must have the wedding date available
• The wedding must take place somewhere in South Florida
• The nominations must be submitted via email to
• The email must include a photo of the couple attached to the email submission (they like to put a face with the name)
• The couple must be willing to allow them to put their story on their blog as well as the images from their engagements session and wedding!

Corporate Event Planning Tip : Handouts

In the past few months, I have returned to my roots. Sort of. In addition to weddings and social events, Lauren Daversa Events also offers meeting planning and coordinates corporate events. Prior to opening my own company, I was the special events manager at a local chamber of commerce. One merger and one baby later, voila, Lauren Daversa Events was born. But that's another story for another time.

Returning to corporate event planning tips, here is a simple but very effective tip: distribute handouts prior to the meeting. Sound obvious? It is. Yet so many forget and start out a meeting by passing out a bunch of handouts. What is the purpose of the meeting if not to listen to the facilitator? Most people cannot do two things at once, like read a handout and listen to a speaker.

Make your meetings much more productive by getting all the pre-work to the meeting attendees 2 to 3 days in advance. This includes all handouts of data, charts, graphs, key discussion points, minutes and follow up from previous meetings, agendas, reading material and even copies of presentations, i.e. that PowerPoint presentation you stayed up all night putting together.

The proper management will turn your next meeting into a productive success!

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