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Wedding Gowns Under $250

Daryl, one of my favorite brides!, and I swooned over Fancy Dress. Their dresses are amazing creations for a bride looking to step a little outside the box. As it has been a few months since a Wedding Gowns Under $250 post and Fancy Dress deserves a post all to itself, I am happy to share with everyone a link to their new blog which showcases their sample sale items. That's right - I have literally given away a seriously good secret because every dress is perfection! And I am talking BDP: Betty Draper perfection!

The dress that jumped out at me is the Gracie, a poly satin with one layer of flocked dotted tulle, vintage grosse graine ribbon at the waist for $150. Okay so you have to be a size 6 (or smaller) to wear, you go to the gym and put the Häagen-Dazs away for awhile. At this price and considering the level of fabulous-ness (total BDP) ... it is beyond worth it, AND most certainly proves that beautiful can be affordable.

As I clicked away, coming across dress after dress after dress, I kept falling more and more in love with each one. Until I saw Jenny, and I fell so hard that I hit my head. The Grecian inspired shoulders, the lovely pewter green fabric, the overlay...everything. It's almost too much BDP. I know, you have to be a size 6, but HELLO...all this style and for $150? It's too good to be true. I can definitely put down the spoon for a little while to fit in!

See, beautiful can be affordable. Thank you Fancy Dress! You have an admirer for life!

Real Events : Libby + Jon - The Trailer

Libby + Jon: Trump International Golf Club

Thanks to a lot of extra, extra, extra effort from Cabana Pictures, the trailer for one of my favorite weddings of the year (SIDE NOTE: if you didn't already's Libby + Jon) went live on Thanksgiving. Can you honestly not think of a better holiday to receive such a gift!

I could fill up an entire blog with praise and compliments about Cabana Pictures. I absolutely adore them, and their work, and their style, and their work ethic and just the whole package. CP is one of only a few cinematographers who mix 16MM footage with HD video and the result is truly unique and stunning. They captured the day beautifully. and the trailer makes me cry each time I watch it. Hope you enjoy watching it just as much as we did making it happen!

Event Planning & Styling: Lauren Daversa Events
Cinematography: Cabana Pictures
Venue + Cake + Florals: Trump International Golf Club
Lighting: Uplyte
Lounge Furniture: Hitched
Paper + Stationary: Lauren Daversa Events
Hair & Make-Up: Team Beauti
Bridal Gown: Badgley Miscka

Current Music : Jamiroquai

Obsessed is an understatement when describing my love for Jamiroquai's song Little L. I have been listening to it while I work, while I exercise, while I'm cleaning, while I'm cooking, while I'm hanging with my daughter...well, I think I've made my point.

This song is perfect for getting the crowd going at ANY event! Don't wait on this one, Little L is very download worthy.

Significant Songs : Dean Martin

If you cannot tell by my blog, music plays a huge role in my life and my work. In my house, music is on at all times: from the moment I wake up, throughout the entire day, until I fall asleep at night. I can honestly say that I really love all types of music, and I event keep a running log of songs that I believe would be a unique option for significant songs in a wedding or special event. And just tonight I decided to start sharing them with all of you!

I'll Buy That Dream is an all time favorite song of mine, beautifully sung by Dean Martin. Without fail, every single time I hear it, I imagine it being used for a 1st dance. In my head, I envision a videographer filming in black + white, possibly using a Super 8 or 16 MM - HD of course.

This wedding definitely takes place in a grand ballroom, with a bride wearing a princess wedding dress and her new husband sporting a tux. To kick up the drama during this 1st dance, I'd shine a bright spotlight on them as they twirl around on the dance floor for the first time as husband + wife as Dean sings "Imagine you in a gown white and flowery / and me thanking dad for my dowry / a church full of folks / in those last minute jokes / I'll buy that dream...Imagine me on our first anniversary / with some one like you in the nursery / it doesn't sound bad / and if it can be had / I'll buy that dream." LOVE IT!

Don't be fooled, I am no fair weather friend to the crooners. I'm a huge fan of the Rat Pack and celebrate their entire catalog. As a young twenty-something in NYC, I was always listening to Sid Mark + Sunday's With Frank.

Side NotePhoto of Dean Martin his bride Jeanne Biegger on their wedding day courtesy of Art Weissman via IMDB. The wedding was held at Herman Hover's House on September 1, 1949.

Real Weddings : Jon + Libby : Trump

7 months ago, I introduced everyone to Libby + Jon who needed help planning their November 6th, 2010 wedding. With only a few months to go, time was not on their side but with Lauren Daversa Events involved, they had no reason to be worried. I got to work and put together an amazing wedding at Trump International Golf Club - the private golf club for Mar-a-Lago.

To tell you the truth, describing this wedding as amazing is an understatement because if I had Lauren Daversa Events awards, Libby + Jon's wedding would win for best wedding of 2010. And I am extra ecstatic to share a sneak peak of this most special affair, courtesy of my good friend Kat Braman. Be sure to check back for all the details and Libby + Jon, I hope you are enjoying St. Lucia!

I Heart NY

I New York, I really do. And I was absolutely thrilled when one of my recent brides sent me this article from The Village Voice, which lists 50 Reasons to Be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live in New York City. Thank you, Melissa! Yes, I can still identify, it's spot on + and you are really so, so cool!

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