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Thank You Note Messages

Thank you notes, a requirement after you receive a gift, attend a dinner party, Mother's Day or Father's Day, birthdays, holiday time, after an interview. You name the occasion and there is probably some sort of written message that needs to be sent. Do you ever have a hard time writing your thank you cards? I have a degree in Writing and English and I struggle with them, and forget about my penmanship. But you still have to send them. I came across a blog,Thank You Note Samples, and it has a pretty good selection of messages. Now, I'm not promoting to flat out copy the words of others because your message, whatever it's for, needs to be sincere. However, if you have reached a crossroad, or can't even get out of the gate...,Thank You Note Samples is one place where you can head to and get your creative juices flowing. Below are some tips from the blog on Thanking people for money.

Thanking people for money isn't very different from thanking them for anything else-- except for one big thing: don't name the amount. This is the only case I can think of where you are not supposed to be specific about the gift that was given. What you do need to focus on however, is the gift you plan to buy with the cash. And when you think about it, it's just common sense. How tacky would this be: "Thank you for the money. I love money. It's nice to have in my bank and I know my friends will be envious."

No, instead you go the route of, "Thank you for the generous gift". If that seems like a minor difference to you and you still don't get it, nevermind, just do it. Or if you think that phrase isn't specific enough, add plenty of specifics to bolster it. Such as:

Dear Pete,
Thanks again for the very generous gifts for the kids. Tommy already bought a game he has been wanting for a while and Luke is having fun deciding what to get. It was great seeing you as always. Hope you have a very happy New Year!
Dear Aunt Freida and Uncle Ted,
Thank you so much for the generous graduation gift. It will be well-used on my trip to Europe this summer. I was going to bring along my old backpack but now I'll be able to get a new one with all the bells and whistles. I can't wait to pick it out.
It was so thoughtful of you to remember me on my special day.
Thanks again!
Dear Mr. Jones,
Thank you so much for the generous gift. It will certainly help with my college bills, which is a big relief. I may even treat Gina and myself to dinner this weekend.
Thank you from us both!

Whether you search the web for the right words to for your note, or you take your inspiration from blogs like Thank You Note Samples YOU HAVE TO WRITE YOUR THANK YOU NOTES!

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