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Real Wedding : Adrienne + Jared's Palm Beach Wedding

Adrienne and Jared's Palm Beach Wedding 
captured by Nathan Coe
on behalf of Lauren Daversa Events 

Adrienne and Jared are married!  Be sure and check back for the full photography recap of this beautiful wedding.  For now, enjoy the cinematic work of Senderey Video Productions who captured the special day!

If you want to see the fun shenanigans and happenings behind the scenes at LDE as we continue to plan from Palm Beach to New York, Florence and everywhere that lies in between say hello to us on Instagram - we've set up an account under MsLaurenDaversa.

Real Wedding : Annie + Wade's Palm Beach Wedding at The Flagler Museum

Just a sneak peak at this recent, and oh so incredible, Lauren Daversa Events wedding captured by Kristen Weaver Photography at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum.  The hugest of huge thank you-s to the army of wedding pros who tirelessly worked above and beyond to ensure Annie & Wade's wedding was a complete success!  

Annie and Wade's Palm Beach Wedding 
 at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

Be sure and check back for the photography recap of the entire wedding extravaganza courtesy of Kristen Weaver Photography!  Or, keep a look out in your favorite wedding magazine - hint, hint! 

If you want to see the fun shenanigans and happenings behind the scenes at LDE as we continue to plan from Palm Beach to New York, Florence and everywhere that lies in between say hello to us on Instagram - we've set up an account under MsLaurenDaversa.

Real Wedding : Clare + Matthew's Palm Beach Wedding Weekend at The Breakers & Flagler Museum

Wedding season in Palm Beach is coming to an end! And what better way to celebrate this amazing time before we jet off to New York and Florence, than to share the cinematography trailer of one of our favorite weddings of the spring season!

While we are not able to share the formal pictures quite yet, this sneak peak gives a beautiful glimpse into this stunning weekend Lauren Daversa Events planned, along with the A Team of Palm Beach, for one incredible couple and family!

Clare, Matthew, Yoshi, Sanda, Jerry, you already know it, but WE LOVE YOU!!!

Clare and Matthew's Palm Beach Wedding Weekend 
 at The Breakers and Flagler Museum 
captured by Andreo Studio 

A wedding like this ONLY happens with an A Team!  The hugest of huge thank you-s to the small army who tirelessly worked to ensure the weekend was a success!

Be sure and check back for the photography recap of the entire wedding extravaganza courtesy of Jules Bower!  Or, keep a look out in your favorite wedding magazine - hint, hint!

If you want to see the fun shenanigans and happenings behind the scenes at LDE as we continue to plan from Palm Beach to New York, Florence and everywhere that lies in between say hello to us on Instagram - we've set up an account under MsLaurenDaversa.

LDE Press : Lauren Daversa Events Loire Valley Shoot

What happens when a planner dreams? Well, they make their dreams come true!  In this case, one of my dreams took me all the way across the Atlantic to a magical country: France.

Lauren Daversa Makes Magic Happen!!

Honestly, who has not dreamed of planning a destination wedding; I know I have! And while it may appear on the surface the tasks involved with planning a wedding abroad could be a huge undertaking, I hope this shoot showcases a wedding abroad being difficult to plan is merely a myth and could not be any further from the truth!

Okay, it truly helps if you've hired the right team of professionals to provide you with the support
you will need, and deserve!  However, in order to rest assured your wedding will be the most incredible experience of your life, and whether a wedding is in your hometown, or a country you have only dreamed of visiting, you will always need the right team behind you!

And just to illustrate how easy it is to fly away for the destination wedding of your dreams, I collaborated with local vendors to bring to document a destination photoshoot.  In this instance, I dreamed of a Parisian shoot, and then turn it into a reality.  All so couples are able to see having a wedding abroad is a viable option for your special day.

Okay, it takes planning.  And sure, I am a planner.  But I have never been to France (born and raised New Yorker).  I've never driven a manual car. I don't speak French. Yet, I was able to create this over the top, dream of a wedding shoot, shot onsite a gorgeous castle, in the middle of the Loire Valley!

Living Life Like A Fairytale ?  

Here is a little secret: as is with every event, there are always teeny-tiny snafus.  And on the day of the shoot, there was quite a snafu.  Hours before everything was scheduled to start, the model was a no show.  


The middle of the Loire Valley is not exactly epicenter of a plethora of models waiting to work.   

In my line of work, the only time to worry is when a problem arises, and you have hired crappy vendors. Yup, in this case, you're probably SH!T out of luck.  It is one reason why you always hire the best vendors you can. For me, after twenty-three years in the industry, there is absolutely no situation, or problem I cannot find a way to resolve.  And when the news of a no-show model broke, my planner, director, producer, visionary hats came off, and I went into fix it mode. And in this case, fix it meant I was forced into the role of pretending to be a model for the day.

Anyone who knows me personally, will vouch it is a rare day when you will find me in front of the camera - my modeling days ended in the nineties.  And while I was never, ever, EVER supposed to be in front of the camera at my own shoot, this was the only solution. Thanks no show model. 

On the flip side, how wonderful this snafu serves as the perfect example to illustrate something I share with my clients time and time and time and time and time and time again: there is never a problem in the world of wedding planning; there are only situations which need to be tweaked!

And on this day, it came full circle to where I was taking my own advice.  Despite not wanting to, I dug deep, took my own advice, turned to motivation from Richard Dreyfuss and let it ride.  There was no way this amazing photoshoot, in the middle of the Loire valley, with time working against us, was going to go down the toilet!

Twirling in a Princess Dress in front of a Castle

with a Rainbow Beaming In The Sky was Magical!!

Looks easy, twirling around in front of a gorgeous castle - doesn't it!

Getting Stuffed Into The Dress

Well, before the twirls, there was hours of hair and makeup; it took two people to stuff me into a tight, super heavy wedding gown; and my feet were shoved into high heels two sizes too small. Then came the hours of grinning like I meant it, from sunrise to sunset.  We managed to pull off morphing from two strangers into lovey-dovey newlyweds.  Okay, there may have been a never ending supply of champagne popped throughout the day to keep me going! COME ON, we were in France! But for a woman, to rock a gorgeous, yet very, very, very heavy and very, very tight wedding gown; run around in teeny tiny high heels; and balance ten pounds of hair piled high on top of my head; and, end the day smiling - I'd categorize this as a miracle!

Running In Heels!

But look at the result!

Look at this portraits!

In one day, after months of creating and planning, the vision, my dream, bringing to life a modern, romantic Parisian elopement, where the style of Marie Antoinette was infused with the sass of my hometown of NYC, was completely brought to life.

Just Keep Smiling, Just Keep Smiling!!!

A Modern Day Cinderella Moment

We hit the nail on the head with this shoot, and the vision became an even more beautiful reality. The result was better than what I had dreamed up in my own mind, and truly portrayed one possible way for YOU to have your own fairytale wedding!

A Castle Fit For A Princess and Her Prince 

Beautiful Decor Courtesy of the Castle!

It took an army to create the entire shoot a success!  Beauty was provided by Samantha Joline Vandermeyde, and hair by Maude Poilievreu worked for hours to transform me into a decent looking bride; and Jean-Marie Voignier designed the most incredible tablescape, decor, bouquets and boutonnieres!  Event Planning and stationery by Lauren Daversa Events. And you know what, IT WAS WORTH EVERY SECOND AND ALL THE WORK!

24 Hours of Shooting Deserves A Lot of Champs

All together, the shoot lasted almost 24 hour between beauty and wardrobe, location changes and champagne breaks. We shot around the castle's extensive grounds; throughout the surrounding town; even in the local sun flower fields at sunset.

What a gift it is to be able to make a dream become   reality, which I am proudly sharing with you. Any couple would be blessed to call this shoot their wedding.  This may be the most beautiful wedding I will ever have! And these are only a few of the stunning portraits be captured!  Seriously, only a few of them!

So, if you are recently engaged, and considering a romantic and unique destination wedding, remember it is a possibility.  Destination weddings allow you to immerse yourself in the splendors of a new culture; a culture only able to be found in a foreign location, far, far, far away! You will have the chance to escape into a fantasy-esque world with your closest friends and family by your side and all to share in one of the most significant moments in your life! 

Be sure to say hello to Lauren Daversa Events, and let us make your wedding dreams come true! Whether you want to go to Palm Beach, New York, Montauk, Firenze, Hawaii, Paris, or somewhere else in the world, we are ready to to give you the experience of lifetime, which you will never forget!

What are you waiting for!!

Sunset Kisses in a Field of Sunflowers!

Love Was Literally in the Air! 

Current Music: Neil Young: Harvest Moon

Anyone who checks in regularly with LDE knows I work long hours and always have music playing. Wherever I am in the world, I LOVE music, and it must be on at all times.  I mean, I absolutely love, love, love music. And it is no joke, it is always on: it's on when I'm working in the office; it's on when I'm getting up in the AM; when I am getting ready for a meeting or an event; it's on when I'm driving; it's certainly on when I'm traveling; of course, it's on during all of my events; it's on when I'm cleaning the house; it's on when I cook; it's on when I think about exercising; it's even on during the few hours when I do sleep. Point made? Think so.

Today, I have had Harvest Moon on repeat. It happens to be one of my all time favorite songs.

While there are many stories of the meaning behind the song, it's said Neil Young wrote it as tribute to his wife, Pegi. To me, this is a love song describing a love between life long soulmates, sigh.

But besides my lyrical interpretation, Harvest Moon has one of the most beautiful melodies! And when combined with the lyrics - as sung by Neil - then add the musicians quietly embellishing with the soft strung of their guitars, then throw in the light tap-tap-tapping of the drums, and the jazzy harmonica - forget it, gets me every time!

And as music should, I get more than just melodic enjoyment from hearing it.  Harvest Moon actually provides me with a sense of contentment, of hope, it brings me happiness. It reminds me love, romance and that life long love is all possible. Surely, when you are ready to receive it, but it's all there! I see this first hand with my couples, but I feel this first hand when the song has the ability to momentarily wash away my personal fears of giving in to love, and then at the same time, it opens my heart to the excitement of possibly throwing caution to the wind, and if the time comes, letting this deep, intense, beautiful love into my heart and my life!  Music is so powerful!

It has been said, nothing lasts forever. To that I somewhat disagree. Sure, bread, eggs, milk, crappy friendships, jobs, stilettos, mascara - yup, those are things which will all go sour at some point.  But with respect to love, clearly there are cases where love lasts forever. With a parent, a child, a pet, a friend, a partner. I myself have had the joy of experiencing love a few times in different areas of my life! And when / if / should I ever experience this Harvest Moon type of love, well Mazel Tov!

This beautiful song should absolutely be considered for a First Dance - I think I've already made up my mind to use it, and I'm not even planning a wedding!  Hey, what do you expect? I'm a wedding planner. I've got love and marriage on my mind all day, all night, all year long!

Cheers to everyone finding their own Harvest Moon love and romance!
And enjoy this beautiful song!