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Signature Drink Of The Month: Wayne's "French 75"

I previously posted about the French 75 for a different twist on a champagne toast so I was hesitant to post a similar cocktail, however. Recently, I sampled Wayne's "French 75" and decided to break that little rule. Wayne's "French 75" it the perfect cocktail for January's Libation of the Month! The warmth from the brandy is ideal during the cold weather, and the champagne is a light and unique pairing that works. Definitely a sipping cocktail, and don't skimp on the ingredients. Wayne's "French 75" is at its best when made with high-quality ingredients. Enjoy!!

Wayne's "French 75"

-3 tablespoons brandy
-1 tablespoon orange liqueur
-Crushed ice cubes
-1 lemon wedge
-1 small lemon rind twist
-1/2 cup Champagne or sparkling wine

Combine first 3 ingredients in a cocktail shaker or martini shaker. Cover with lid, and shake 30 seconds or until thoroughly chilled. Remove lid, and strain into a martini glass. Squeeze juice from lemon wedge into glass; rub lemon rind twist around rim, and drop into glass. Add Champagne to brandy mixture, and serve immediately.

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