Life is a special occasion

Real Events : Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

The fiesta will be held on Wednesday, May 5 from 6 PM to 9 PM at the Center Courtyard at Downtown at the Gardens, 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens.

Please join us for food, drinks and music to celebrate Hispanic culture and raise money for the Caridad Center of Boynton Beach. Tickets are good for one drink and complimentary food, and can be purchased online by visiting or purchased at the door.

The cost to attend this event is $10. Contact the Lauren Daversa Events at 222-6840 for more information.

L | D Finds : Rent The Runway

Crushin' on this sherbet Hervé Léger Cap Sleeve Bandage Sheath
Own it for $1,100 or rent it for $100

Since I just posted about the boys, here's a little find for the girls. While bridesmaid dresses have come a LOOOOOONG way, there is an alternative option available. Rather than purchasing a dress that you may or may not wear again, how about renting a designer frock for the night!

Navy Yigal Azrouël Draped Halter Gown
$200 for the night
Rent The Runway buys pieces directly from top designers and then offer rentals at just 10% of retail price. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, it gets better. Browse their website until you find something you love, put it in your basket, tell them when you’d like it delivered, and it’ll appear on your doorstep...wait for it, in TWO different sizes, just to be safe.

This little Diane von Furstenberg
Ruffle tiered wrap dress can be purchased for $675 or rented for $75

These dresses would be great for bridesmaids but don't stop there. They are perfect dresses to wear to a party, wedding, or any special event. Now there is no excuse to have nothing to wear.

Lapis blue Lela Rose
Scoopneck Power Sheath would be perfect for a modern wedding
Retails for $1,100 but can be yours for the night for $100!

TOTW : Eye Brow Waxing Disclaimer

This TOTW is short and sweet. Ladies, and men who get their eyebrows waxed - SIDE NOTE - good for you men who wax their eyebrows!! - do not experiment with a new salon, or a new esthetician before a special event or a holiday. Stick with who you know, the look you know and the products you know. Seriously, it's not the time to find out that a round eyebrow does not compliment the frame of your face, or that an inexperienced esthetician over plucked your delicate eyebrow.

If you want to explore a different look, or dye your eyebrows, or try out a new salon...awesome! I am all for it. Just start this process 6 - 8 months in advance. And don't even think that I am kidding, I am totally serious, because 6 - 8 months is how long it could take for your eyebrows to fully regrow.

Don't mess around with this advice. I have been sculpting my eyebrows since a I was a young teen. I've been fortunate enough to have them shaped by some amazing estheticians at incredible spas, including the J. Sisters, Ajune, Bliss, Red Door Spa. The list is too long. Hey, what do you expect, I was born and raised in the city. Having tasted the sweetness of a prefect arch, I've also tasted the sourness of the butchered brow. Yes, I've also been the victim to eyebrow slaughter. I know first hand what it feels like, what it looks like and how long it takes to recuperate from. So be smart, pluck wise before any big event!

Top photo courtesy of Flickr
Bottom photo courtesy of Gleny's Rome and Beyond

L | D Finds : Bridal Toolbox

It's Friday and I am busy, busy, busy. One of my favorite couples is 3 weeks away from their big day, and I think I am as excited as the bride! For the last nine months, we've been working incredibly hard planning their special day, and bringing all of the dreams they shared with me during their initial consultation to life all while sticking to their budget. So with everything going on, I knew it was time to check in with the Bridal Tool Box and find out what words of wisdom they have for us today...

Ask for references before hiring a wedding planner, and if possible check they have a membership with a reputable association.

I could not agree more with this wedding tip. If someone does not want to give you their like h*ll! No matter what field someone is in, if they don't share references then there is a reason why and you don't want to find out why the hard way! So always speak with a planner's past clients.

And definitely find out if all of your vendor's belong to a reputable association. Lauren Daversa Events is a proud member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. We've earned the distinct honor of being a Professional Bridal Consultant, even graduating the program With Honors. YAY FOR US! But beyond being a member of an association, check how much experience people have. Besides, being a member of the ABC I am a graduate of a top tier college, I've worked in corporate America, I've worked in the non-profit world, I have insurance, I am incorporated, I am constantly educating myself with new classes and seminars, I volunteer my services to local groups and non-profits, Lauren Daversa Events is is my full time job rather than a job I do on the weekends and during my lunch hour. All of these are important factors that show my level of dedication, experience and commitment to my career, my company and to my clients.

So before you sign, take the time and find out who you are hiring! Happy Planning!

L | D Finds : Indochino

Often, our boys get overlooked in a wedding or special event. It's true! Women get to have a lot of the fun and attention: what dress she wears, what shoes she wears, the jewelry, her hair, her make-up, the perfume, her mani and pedi. And this little ritual does not just apply for a wedding but rather her everyday life. When a wedding or special event roll around, forget-about-it. This ritual goes into overdrive!

Then, when it comes time to determine what the guys will wear, the women are like, "Our outfits have to compliment each other." This is like a foreign language to a lot of men and they frequently turn to Men's Wearhouse, Brooks Brothers, Macy's or Nordstrom to get suited up. For the most part, these are all great places...but what if you are looking for something a little different. AND, what if you don't have a few grand to spend on customizing your own tux or suit. Well I've got a solution: introducing, Indochino. They offer reasonably priced, online custom suits. Stylish suits, in fine fabrics, at a great price, delivered to your door! Nice; very nice.

TOTW : Sun Block For The Groom and Groomsmen

This is short and simple, the best way for you boys to understand pretty much everything ;-)...wear sun block the day before and the day of the wedding! There is nothing worse than having the groom and the groomsmen show up on the wedding day looking like lobsters because they were out golfing all day long the day before. What was it I wrote...wear sun block the day before and the day of the wedding!

Photo courtesy of I Do Believe I Came With A Hat

L | D Finds : Axioo Productions

Nico & Emil PreWedding Photoclip from Axioo on Vimeo.

I am becoming a little video obsessed but in my own defense, "COME ON PEOPLE" ... I am finding some really good stuff here! This video comes by way of Axioo Productions and may I just say, they seriously RULE! Axioo Productions has taken photos and turned them into some seriously stylish-ly impressive videos. No doubt, their videos are the perfect way to incorporate engagement pictures during an engagement party or even at the cocktail hour. Enjoy!

L | D Finds : BBoy Spee-d and Rock With U

I recently came across Rock With U through my good friend Jill Spear and I am in love! Rock With U mixes DJ's, MC's and live musicians, a concept that I absolutely love, love, love! Seriously, it brings me back to the Chaos days when I was a kid in New York. SIDE NOTE - Chaos was seriously the best club in the city! It had a baroque opera house feel with lots of red lighting, chandeliers and vintage antique sofas. But the best aspect of Chaos, was the live drummers performing on the main floor along with the DJ. Ah, those were the good times!

Anyways, as I was exploring Rock With U's blog I came across this video of awesome-ness. A man by the name of BBoy Spee-d and he is doing his thing. Enjoy!

PS - Want to elevate your next event? Visit Rock With U to find out how!