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A Sparkler Send-Off

Sparklers are not just for the Fourth of July! They make a wonderful accessory for any event, especially weddings. Picture each of your guests holding a sparkler and forming a sparkling tunnel just for you to pass through as you exit your reception. The perfect photo-op!

Not getting married? Don't be sad...of course there is still a use for these bright, shining fire sticks at your event. They can be used as party favors; place card holders; they can be used on cakes instead of candles; or, they can be stuck directly into the ground and lit to create a sparkling light-show effect at a reception.

Sparklers Online offers 10, 20 or 36 inch sparklers and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! That means if for ANY reason you are dissatisfied with the sparklers you can simply return them for a full refund, plus they offer free shipping! Very nice.

One box of 36 inch sparklers will run you $60 and it has 48 pieces; one box of 20 inch sparklers will cost $35 and it has 48 pieces; and, one box of 10 inch sparklers will cost $45 for 288 pieces. Keep in mind, the shorter the sparkler, the less amount of sparkly-time.

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