Life is a special occasion

Vanessa + Camilo

Meet Vanessa + Camilo!

This couple is not only gorgeous but they are the sweetest pair I have ever met. The love they have for one another is inspiring. We began planning their wedding in January and I can honestly share that I had a blast every single time we got together. The bride, the bride's awesome mother and I would meet almost every two weeks for bridal planning sessions. However, we would not do anything wedding related until we sat for a while and enjoyed our coffee!

In August, Vanessa + Cami had their engagement session with Cengiz, the unbelievably talented artist behind Adagion Studio. I can never say enough about Cengiz and his talent. Once again, I am so proud of his work. The pictures represent the passion and love between these two and of course the amazing pulse of the Design District in Miami.

Enjoy this shoot - you can see all the photos and much more on Cengiz's blog AND, be sure to check back for pictures from their Platinum Wedding at the Ritz Carlton - South Beach!!

What LDE Friends Are Up To : Coolinary Cafe

One of the coolest aspects of my job is meeting people, and I can honestly share that my clients are just the most talented, impressive group of people I've ever met. And this is no lie. Take for example Tim Lipman.

You may remember when I posted the breathtaking pictures of Tim and Jenny shot by Jessica Lorren. Well, that was almost two years ago, which is when Tim first called Lauren Daversa Events for help with his wedding to Jenny, his (then) beautiful fiance. First, no you're not reading this incorrectly. I was indeed contacted by the groom for wedding planning help. LOVE IT! Second, Tim was a groom who knew exactly what he wanted and he was not afraid to share. So what did he want? You will love this, prepare to have your heart melt: Tim wanted to make sure Jenny got everything she wanted on her wedding day. Insert your sigh here!

So with less than three months to go, we quickly got to work creating their dream wedding, which was a gorgeous family style affair set in the beautifully landscaped backyard of one of their closest friend's homes. And on a late November night, Tim and Jenny exchanged vows and then dined under the stars in a glowing cabana that featured long flowing drapes, wrought iron pendant lanterns and a feast fit for a king.

Now this was no ordinary feast as, at the time, Tim was the very talented, very passionate, executive chef at Leftovers Cafe in Jupiter. SIDE NOTE, Leftovers just so happens to be one of my favorite restaurants. Chocolate nutmash - that's all I have to say. His enthusiasm for his culinary gift is truly awesome to witness. And now, his ability to harness both his enthusiasm and his gift to make his dream come true is impressive. Yup, that's right, my amazing couple are living out their dreams with the opening of their first restaurant, the Coolinary Cafe.

This American contemporary restaurant will feature a gourmet menu based on the farm-to-table concept, infusing local products with flavorful influences from around the globe. In addition to the yummy food, the Coolinary Cafe will also feature craft beers, loose leaf teas, and handmade sodas. How awesome is that...handmade sodas!

It is incredibly exciting for me to follow my clients on the path that they are carving out for their life together. It is this path that was created on their wedding day, a day that we planned together. So it is with such joy that I can share these successes :-) Be sure to visit the Coolinary Cafe, located at 4122 Parkside Drive in Palm Beach Gardens (561) 315-0410.

Congrats, Tim + Jenny!

L | D Finds : Swarovski Comb

To quote Rachel Zoe, "I die." Surfing the Internet tonight brought me to Untamed Petals. Score! Then surfing Untamed Petals brought be to a Swarovski hand-embellished rhinestone flower. Double score.

Okay, it's $398 bucks but's amazing. Talk about infusing a little glamour into your wedding day. The petals are hand wired and then encrusted with Swarovski flat back rhinestones. The piece is then attached to an alligator clip for easy placement. AND, it can be customized. Certainly worthy of an L | D Find!