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TOTW : Important Rental Questions

There seem to be an endless list of important questions that must be asked when renting items for your wedding or special event. Most of those questions focus on the rental items, set up and pricing, however. There is another aspect often overlooked, which is break down. It's extremely important to find out exactly what is required of you after the event is over. Below are six key points to discuss with your representative. Keep them on hand when booking your rentals because overlooking them usually results in additional charges and nobody likes that!

• Do the dishes need to be separated, rinsed and / or washed?
• Do the tables need to be broken down and / or stacked ?
• Do the chairs need to be stacked and / or bagged?
• Do the linens need to be folded?
• How do I maintain the fountain?
• Do I need to gather all the rental items in one single location, or place them in a certain area for pick up?

Photo courtesy of Encore Party Rentals

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