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Signature Drink Club : Butternut & Falernum

Living in South Florida, I no longer experience the change of seasons I grew up with in New England. It's funny, I used to wonder why people would actually make a pilgrimage to view the leaves changing color. Now I understand. With this theme in mind, I am going to pay homage to the welcoming of the new season by highlighting a drink I've read a lot about but have yet to taste. The Butternut & Falernum at Tailor, located in my hometown - the one and only NYC, is all the rage. The drink combines rum, brown butter, juiced and reduced butternut squash, and falernum—a cane-sugar-based liqueur and has hints of almond, clove and lime. WOW! But the directions do not end here. Next, the mixture is shaken with ice and sprinkled with nutmeg. This drink would be amazing as a signature cocktail for a fall dinner party. It is different, seasonal and based on all the praise in the press and the patrons of Tailor, it is delicious.

• 2 oz. Matusalem Gran Reserva Rum
• 3/4 oz. John D. Taylor’s Velvet Falernum Liqueur
• Grated fresh nutmeg to garnish

• 2 oz. Butternut Squash Jus from an 8lb butternut squash
• 5 tablespoons brown sugar
• 5 tablespoons brown butter

• Make approximately 16 oz. of butternut squash jus by juicing the squash.
• Simmer juice to reduce by one third, add 5 tablespoons of brown sugar and stir until dissolved.
• Add 5 tablespoons of brown butter to the juice and refrigerate overnight.
• Pass through a sieve to remove the butter solids.
• Into a cocktail mixer pour 2 oz. of butternut squash and add the remaining ingredients except nutmeg.
• Shake and strain into a double rocks glass 3/4 filled with fresh ice cubes.
• Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

Receipe courtesy of New York Magazine
Photo courtesy of Jeff Gurwin

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