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DIY: Light Bulb Vase

Design Sprout posted this adorable alternative to CB2's teardrop hanging vase, which costs $4.95 each. This would be a great way to decorate any party. The vases could have ribbon wrapped around the top, flowers hanging out or floating inside. There are a lot of individual twists you could use to make this even more fabulous!

via Isn't She Lovely

•A metal saw
•A light bulb
•2 screwdrivers (small and large)
•A round file
•Metal wire (beading or fishing wire should work)

translated to English from Esprit Cabane

•Saw the base of the screw cap with a metal saw, turning the bulb regularly, so you remove the electrical contact part.
•Once the base of the screw cap is cut, insert a screwdriver and break the glass tube that sticks out (be careful).
•Then, place a larger screwdriver in the cavity of glass, pushing down firmly, so the filament is separated from the bulb.
•With a round file, enlarge the opening and take out the filament. The bulb should be empty now.
•To create suspended vases, drill two holes by hand on both sides of the screw cap with a drill bit. The aluminum should pierce easily.
•Slip metal wire (or fishing wire) through the holes that you punched and tie a knot on each side (like a purse strap).
•Then suspend the vase from a hook, or wherever you like.
•Put a little water in the bulb and then some flowers.

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