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TOTW: Special Events At Home

This article marks the half way point of the five part TOTW series on hosting special events at home. The first entry in the series explored many of the logistical issues associated with parking. The second entry focused on household capacity. Today the focus turns to the not so pretty but boo hoo because it's imperative to think about topic of restrooms and cleaning.

Two of the most common areas overlooked when hosting any special event at home are restrooms and cleaning, starting with restrooms. Can your home support 150 people going to the bathroom between one and three time over the course of a four or five hour period? I'm going to go out on a limb and say no, unless you have mighty toilets and a super septic tank. And even if you do have mighty toilets and and a super septic tank that can withstand constant flushing, the average house has only has two or three bathrooms, which is just not enough. The magical number of toilets should be at least 1 toilet for every 35 guests.

If this is not sufficient support that provisions need to be made for additional restrooms, how about this: are all your bathrooms located on the first floor, right next to one another? Probably not. They are more than likely spread out throughout your house. Meaning, guests will have to walk into your private bedrooms to access the restrooms. Hmmmm, no thank you!

Okay, still not convinced? What happens if one of the toilets malfunctions? Besides creating a mess -literally and figuratively- you'll be out the money that should have been spent on the additional restrooms anyways since you'll have to hire a plumber to fix the problem. So cut to the chase and make the right provisions by renting additional restrooms.

And there is NO need to be embarrassed by having port-o-potties trucked into your gorgeous wedding because they have gone glam. Seriously, check out Kholer's luxury restrooms. This is a luxury restroom that provides an upscale environment for events such as concert tours, sports tournaments, corporate events, birthday parties, and weddings. The multi-user restrooms features individual male and female suites, and porcelain KOHLER® sinks and toilets, chrome faucets, and luxurious trim and finish materials available in cherry wood and marble. Tasteful artwork, music, air-conditioning, and full-length mirrors are also present in all restrooms, to make participants feel comfortable in their bathroom-away-from-home. Okay, maybe this isn't in everyone's budget. But the port-o-potty has evolved from the blue constructions workers stalls of the past. There are upscale options available.

The second portion of this entry focus on cleaning. Hiring a clean up crew is another must for an at home special event. Of course, your caterer will help to clean up the event, however. The caterer will probably not be cleaning your luxury restrooms throughout the evening, or picking up anything the guests may have dropped, tidying up the house, wiping down the floor or table tops, emptying ashtrays, keeping trash cans empty. After all the guests have left, the crew can also do a sweep of the street picking up any mess left behind. This is something you will not want to do after the party, or even the next day. But left unattended could result in a costly fine from your neighborhood association or the town where you live. Don't worry, the clean up crew doesn't need to be an army. Certainly one or two helpers will suffice.

Remember, hosting any special event is all about being prepared. Hosting a special event at home means you have to go above and beyond to ensure your event is a success.

This is a five part posting. Check back next week for tips on Rental Needs.

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