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TOTW: Count Yourselves

Do you want to eat at your reception? Then don't forget to include yourselves in the guest count. Seems to obvious, right? Well, what appears to be a funny thought -the guests of the hour not having something to eat- really does happen.

It's not that difficult to figure out how. Picture this, the bride and groom have diligently worked on their wedding spreadsheets for twelve months. They have made sure to dot every i and cross every t. They can tell you who is having steak, who is a vegan, how many vendor meals they ordered and who is sitting at table ten. Their spreadsheets are perfect, not even a typo in the bride's college roommate's new boyfriend's last name. That's right, it's all perfect except they didn't include themselves in the final guest count. Okay, maybe the bride and the groom will eat but someone might be eating the leftover stuffed mushroom caps from the cocktail hour for dinner.

Now in a perfect world where everyone has hired fantastic vendors, this is a non issue because these fantastic vendors are prepared, however. The bride and groom who had worked so diligently on every single detail, also have a tight budget where every penny is accounted for in the beautiful, 98 person, garden reception they've planned. When they didn't hear back from Uncle Joe, Aunt Beth, cousin Steve and cousin Drea, they assumed they were not going to make it to the wedding; and, when the groom never heard back from his father's old golf buddy who just remarried and moved across the country, again they assumed they were not attending; and they never imagined the photographer would end up bringing two extra assistants to the wedding to cover even more angles of the event. So, three days before the wedding, they called the caterer and gave them the final head count of 98, accidentally leaving themselves out of the final count.

Ta-da, this is how easy it is for there to be a food shortage at a wedding. So make yourselves count!

Photo bride and groom chocolate caramel apples courtesy of Beau-Coup


  1. I absolutely love the picture! So cute and I actually want to eat it right away! :)

  2. Great article, I actually DID leave us off of the headcount! Going back and adding us in now...

  3. Cake balls! They are soooo yummy :-)

  4. How serendipitous! Now I'm even happier to have posted this article :-)