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Small Bites

InStyle Weddings rules! If you are looking for inspiration, look no further. There is always something fresh and innovative yet beautiful to be discovered on their website. Hmmmm, I use the same adjectives to describe my own company :-) Any-who...just this evening, as I was working hard at designing an invitation for an upcoming event...I found myself reading about scrumptious forkfuls of noodles twisted around a fork. What an awesome idea! Give your guests a small bite and keep their fingers clean and their tummies happy. Or how about late night pancake stacks! Also awesome. Who doesn't like pancakes? Guests would be blown away if you offered up a bite sized stack of mini-pancakes, complete with a drizzling of maple syrup. But you'd have to offer a little glass of milk to make it perfect.

Great ideas are always just a click away! Be creative, think outside the box and you will give guests a memorable and tummy-satisfying experience at your next event.

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