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DIY : Mustache - On - A - Stick

Lauren Daversa Events has finally jumped on the bandwagon! We are having a family portrait tomorrow with photographer extraordinaire, Jessica Lorren...I swear I am not getting kickbacks from her. So to ensure we get some fun shots, I'll be making a mustache-on-a-stick for the entire fam. Woo-hoo me!

- Felt paper
- Hot glue
- Chopsticks or craft dowels
- Scissors
- Mustache design

-Cut out the design of your mustache. It will take two layers for each 'stache, a front and back.

-Hot glue a chopstick to one of the 'staches. Then hot glue the remainder of the felt and place the top layer down. Make sure to evenly line up both pieces of felt.

-Make it personal by embellishing your 'stache with ribbon, crystals or a million other crafty do-dads.

These are so whimsical, cheap and easy to make! Here's to being trendy. Hip hip horray. And for your viewing pleasure, I present to first mustache on a stick made after a loooooong day, (translation: not the best picture of me).


  1. im dying lauren. this is hilarious. the photo, i'll be laughing all night.