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Real Events : Brandon + Kristin

I don't know this couple, but I LOVE their wedding. So much, that their video is the first video I have ever published on my blog. And though there have been a few that I've come across that have moved me, this is the all time winner. Shade Tree Films, a cinematographer based out of So Cal, posted this video of The Kidds and it rules! Shade Tree Films incorporated a pre-wedding interview into the first edit, which is awesome because you hear both sides of their story: how the couple met, what they love about each other and their engagement story, etc. LOVE IT! But there's more...

The video comes with a little disclaimer. During the video, there are a few shots of what, at first, appears to be a proposal reenactment. But it is misleading. You see, Shade Tree Films did not have Brandon and Kristin reenact their proposal at all. That's right, Brandon is like the man and he planned out the whole proposal, and planned to have two friends hide and capture the entire thing as it took place. RIGHT ON, BRANDON! INSERT SIGH HERE! It's like a total Bridget Jones Diary moment when Renée Zellweger thinks that Colin Firth left because of all the mean things she wrote about him in her journal. But he didn't leave, he really went to get her a new journal, which he tells her with a dreamy English accent in the middle of a snowy street while sheltering her in what must be a really, really oversized coat! Okay, so maybe The Kidd's moment isn't really like Bridget Jones Diary, but both videos evoke the same emotion!

Of course there is more! You see Brandon actually kept this taping a secret from his fiance and waited to reveal it to her for the first time at the wedding when they viewed it together. END SCENE. Yeah, listen up guys...that is what is called a nice move!

Watch it and I hope you love it as much as I did!

The Kidds from Shade Tree Films on Vimeo.

Photo courtesy of Jasmine Star
Video courtesy of Shade Tree Films

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