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Event Planning Tip: Make Your Appetizers Impressive

I am an avid Food Network follower and have been for a very, very long time now. In fact, it has been such a long time, I can remember when the Iron Chef that aired on the FN was in subtitles. Actually, the more I rethink things, I even remember having the pleasure of meeting a FN executive during college. It seems to me he was the VP of programming or something. For whatever reason, he was playing pool at the infamous SoHa, an upscale CU bar mostly for young, artsy graduate type-thinkers and drinkers and I happened to shoot a game of pool against him. FN was so under developed back then that he didn't even believe me when I told him what a huge fan I was. He challenged me and made me list the shows I liked for proof. Had I known then what I know now, I would have asked the man for a business card and tried to get an internship. I probably would be in charge of talent development, or even have my own show by now! I'd probably be able to go to the Barefoot Contessa's house for one of her fantastic get togethers in the Hamptons! Too bad I was not more concerned with a career while I was in college.

IN-ANY-EVENT, Sandra Lee, one of my FN favs, whipped up a yummy appetizer, steamed dumpling spoons in a special sauce. It wasn't the recipe that jumped out at me. Dumplings aren't anything earth shattering - the dumplings did look good. What jumped out at me was were two things that can help to make your appetizers pop during your next event. The first was Sandra's use of gyoza, or pot sticker wrappers. Gyoza, here is a little background for any of you in the dark, is similar to a wonton but thicker. More importantly, they are very handy because you can fill them to make all sorts of delicious and simple, yet chic appetizers. Any sort of dumpling is different than your typical appetizers: shrimp, caprese salad, chicken skewers, etc. And different is good!

The second thing that jumped out at me from an event planners p.o.v were the Chinese soup spoons. Just like the gyozas, these spoons are fabulous for events because they will present most any appetizer in an impressive light. Why? Because we eat with our eyes first! I found melamine Chinese soup spoons here for $0.89 each, 10/$8.50 or 60/$39. You can even pick spoons with a design on them like Sandra Lee! Whether it is a dinner party for ten or corporate event for 500, these are two very simple and affordable ways to punch up your next event. What are your impressive ways to serve up appetizers at your events?

PS: Fine Living is re-airing original episodes of Iron Chef weeknights at 11 PM!!!

Top photo courtesy of Eat Brisbane

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