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L | D Events Now On Myspace, Facebook & Twitter

As I mentioned in my very first entry, all of this is one-hundred percent new for me.  My own company, being a stay at home mom, my daughter and husband and even living in Florida.  Of course, the old me would love to move forward with Lauren Daversa Events at full force but the new me is quite contently wrapped up in being a SAHM.   It can be difficult to find half an hour to get into the zone to write a meaningful post.  My writing skills are a little rusty and my time is limited but I am going to work as hard as I can to make this.  My goal is to have this website be unique, creative and insightful; filled with interesting finds, sound advice, talented vendors and beautiful events; and mostly, to plan all sorts of fabulous!  In an effort to get my name out there, I've created a Myspace page, a Facebook page Lauren Daversa Events, and a Twitter page, LaurenDaversa. Definitely stop by, become a fan, say hi, ask a question, leave a note, or whatever you want. They are all works in progress but isn't everything in life just a work in progress!

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