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DIY: Photo Frame Card Box

I am always praising The Knot so why would today be any different! The same Knottie that posted on how to create your own monogram aisle runner, also posted on how to create your own photo frame card box. Again, if you've got the extra cash to spend on purchasing one, woo-hoo. But this is such a simple project and would be a lot of fun for the bride and groom to do together. If you are going to use this for a birthday party, it would be a great project for father / daughter or mother / son. For those of you who are not partial to DIY projects, check the wedding boards to pick up a used one. However, if you'd rather spend a fraction of the cost, and think you can handle a little work then read on...

4 Photo Frames
Suggestion: 8"x 10" or 11"x 13", whichever you prefer but keep in mind that the 8x10 is already quite a large box
Screw Driver
16 L Brackets
Suggestion: In terms of width, use the size recommended by the L brackets. Also, be mindful of the length because you don't want them to go through the front of the frames.
Lazy Susan, optional
Suggestion: check out Walmart
Foam Board
Suggestion: check out Michaels
Batting material for the "cushion" on the top of the box
Fabric, one yard will be ample
Suggestion: try Joann Fabrics and select fabric that follows the color theme of your event
Suggestion: one yard is ample
Exacto Knife
Duct Tape

1. Start by putting the frames together. Measure down on the frame where you want to drill the pilot holes for the screws so that the L brackets will be even to connect the frames together. Mark the spot with a pencil.

2. Drill the pilot holes into the frames. Use a drill bit size recommended on the box of screws purchased. Make sure you do not drill straight through the frame by marking the frame and only drilled up to the tape line.

3. Once all of the pilot holes are in place, start screwing the brackets onto the frames. At this point, it should look pretty "complete"--the photos and glass will be in, and your box will be solid.NOTE: Clean the inside of the glass, insert your photos before screwing them together. Do not put the frames together empty because there may not be enough overlapping to squeeze the glass and backing back into the frame. IE, you might have to take the frames apart to actually put the photos in.

4. Next, start on the top. Measure the space in the top of your frames, and measured the foam board to correspond with that. You may have to shave a little extra off of the foam board in order to make a little room for the fabric you will use to upholstered it with later.

5. Remember to cut a hole in the middle of the foam board for the cards. Make it fairly big, but not big enough for hands to fit inside.

6. Place the piece of foam board that was just cut down on the table and lay the batting material over it. Cut around the edges, and give yourself enough extra material all the way around to be able to fold it under the bottom of the box top.

7. Start to fold and staple! Stretch the fabric around the box top and staple it to the back side. You're basically upholstering the box top. You also have to cut a slit in the middle of the material for the slit in the middle of the foam board. Just pull the edges of the fabric through and staple to the inside of the opening.

This is what it looks like when it's done.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 with your matching fabric.

9. Cut out a piece of foam board, there is no need to cover it in fabric. This will fit inside the frames for the bottom of the box.

10. Now, attach the top. There are a few different ways. Some people Velcro the top and bottom directly to the top of the frames, or you can attach additional L brackets to the bottom and top sides of the frames to hold the bottom and top in place. See the photos below.

View of the inside of the box from the top. The bottom is already in place, but you can see the additional L brackets put in place to hold the top of the box in place. This way it will not fall down inside of the box.

This is a photo of the box turned upside down. Here you can see the L brackets attached to keep the bottom in place.

11. Secure the foam board for the bottom to the bottom of the box. Use duct tape and taped over the L brackets. It's important not to completely ruin the frames if you want to take the box apart and use the frames after the even so don't tape anything directly to the box.

12. Attach the lazy Susan to the bottom of the box. This is another area where you may need to improvise. There could be a dip in the lazy Susan and the middle of it might not touch the box and will make it difficult to attach. Cut a few square pieces of the foam core and tape them to the lazy Susan to build up the middle. Then roll little pieces of duct tape and stuck them to the foam board and tape it to the bottom of the box. Use a lot of duct tape to ensure its sturdiness. NOTE: if you don't want your box to spin, you don't need a lazy Susan.

This is the taped-up lazy Susan right before it was turned over and attached to the bottom of the box.

13. Turn your box back over, place the top on, and it's finished!

The finished product.

This is a view of the finished top of the box.

Another angle of the finished box.

Thank you Road To the Aisle for such detailed and helpful posts!!! Here is a second posting from another DIY Bride.

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