Life is a special occasion

Beautiful Things

The world is filled with pretty little things; it's actually overflowing with them. Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I'm posting some of the P.L.T. I've seen lately. Such as, this red rose ring by designer Daniela Swaebe. What fun!
Maybe you yearn for something a little less flashy. Okay, check out Ippolita's 18K gold Art Link Necklace. Perfect for both thee office or a night out.
Something for the ears? Bridget Lynne's Double Aspen Leaf earrings are two real aspen leaves dipped in 24K gold, with a 14K gold filled chain dangling beside. This is four inches of fabulous! The Lemon Quartz Briolettes would be a nice selection as a bridesmaid gift!

Fashion and special events go hand in hand. Honestly, when is there a better time to bust out all your gorgeous jewelry, slamming shoes and couture clothing than for a special event? It absolutely goes without saying that any of the items spotlighted in this post would make a statement at your event. A few of the pieces on this page are on the extravagant side. At least for me they would be extravagant purchases. Hey, if you can afford 'em, go for it. After you buy them, just call me to help plan your next soiree! But great deals do exist for great jewelry!!!! I happened to find all the items listed above just by surfing the web. So take ten minutes and search the Internet. It's worth it! You'll be able to find beautiful, affordable and unique jewelry to wear to your next event or to your own wedding. Happy hunting!

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