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L | D Finds: Damn I Like That

When it rains, it pours! So, I've been researching bridesmaid dresses for Bride N & Groom C when I came across Damn I Like That. Now, it is my new obsession! What a find; it's filled with men’s and women’s fashion, accessories, home d├ęcor, health & beauty. Seriously, all the latest products and trends. The product I love the most, is the bubble calendar. That's right, a BUBBLE CALENDAR!

For $30, you can go through 2009 popping bubbles with your very own Bubble Calendar. A poster-size calendar that has a bubble over every day of the year so you can keep track of the date by popping. Why is it so entertaining to pop bubbles? Do you think you would be able to make it through the entire year without popping them all?

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