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West Palm Beach Wedding Planner : 102

A few months back I posted on why you should hire a wedding planner. This is such a great question, and one that I get asked a lot. The answer is literally never ending, and here is the second reason why. Again, this list is not in any type of order :-)


Not all special events are about the details. A lot of corporate events are pretty cut and dry. A wedding is anything but. A wedding is all about the details, and it is the little details that make each wedding unique. Chances are that you will not find yourself saying on your wedding day, "Oh my gosh, we forgot to hire a caterer," or, "sh$t, we never picked out a venue for the wedding!" These are not details that you forget to cover. Now you may not pick the right caterer or venue but that's another post :-)

What typically happens is something like you forget to turn the volume off on the house phone when the ceremony is on the patio, and just as your about to be pronounced man and wife the phone rings, or, you forget to take off your watch like the bride in the picture posted above. I could list a gazillion things that are forgotten on the wedding day. Some important, some no-so. Either way, a wedding planner will think of these details for you and tend to them allowing the bride and groom and both families to enjoy the day.

And any bride out there who is intentionally planning on wearing her watch on the big day...take it off! Love knows no time on your wedding :-)

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Photo courtesy of Lemon Drop, and yes, those are people streaking in the background.

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