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Edible Sugar Diamonds

Diamonds are forever, unless they are edible and placed on a piece of cake. In that case, it's anybody's guess how long they'll last. That's right, the next way to bedazzle a cake is by snazzing it up with cake jewels. Completely edible little bites of diamonds. I love it!

This gorgeous Tiffany cake designed by, Janet Mohapi-Banks, is inspired by the Tiffany lamp design and features these awesome edible diamonds!

Think it's too much for your wedding cake...well, there are a ton of ways to utilize these sugar monsters: on top of bridal shower cupcakes, bachelorette cupcakes, use as decoration on the table for a dinner party -Sex and the City is coming up! Visit, Diamond Party Confetti to pick yours up. They are not cheapest decor pieces on the market but they are certainly not as expensive as these bad boys!

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