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L | D Finds : LumiGram Fiber Optic Tablecloth

Calling all platinum clients. Looking for that wow to razzle-dazzle your guests at that oh so important soirée you're planning -Side Note - I'm sure we're working on this event together ;-)- Well, let me suggest using LumiGram's luminous fiber optics tablecloth.

LumiGram's is the project of Jacqueline ("Lumi"), a French fashion designer and I think she is fabulous! Their concept is based on the association of light and technology for style. They use the latest luminous technologies for creating and offering stunning fashion, clothing, decoration and luxury articles making their collections a unique blend of sharp design, traditional handicraft, and advanced technologies.

The luminous fiber optics tablecloth would most definitely create a truly memorable event. Picture this, it's summer time and you're throwing an intimate, garden dinner party for thirty of your closest friends to celebrate. What? I don't know, you're celebrating celebrating! As the sun is just moments away from setting, dusk is literally about to sweep over the sky, and your guests are transitioning from cocktail hour on the patio to dinner in the back dim your lights and BOW! The ethereal silvery-blue glow from your luminous fiber optics tablecloth dazzles them and you are an instant diva hostess...wait for it...with the mostess!

The price for this dazzling wow factor is not for the budget friendly. These bad boys start at $500 and go up and up and up! But how worth it to add that extra sparkle! There is a silver lining to the cost. They are hand-washable. No dry cleaning!

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