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TOTW : DIY Gladiola Floral Arrangement

Hello. I am an event planner and I have at least two sides to my brain...(since I'm a Gemini, I actually have a lot of different sides, but that's for another time and another place!) Getting back on track to the two sides of my brain: the rational side and the escapist side.

The escapist side is the creative side where I come up with my inspiration for events. The rational side is how I try to figure out how to execute it. And since all of my clients are not working with the same budget, I need to determine exactly what the different stroke is going to be for each to type.

Here is a neat tip for brides who are on a tighter floral budget: gladiolas. Yup, they are great options when your floral budget is on a diet. First, when buying in bulk, they are priced very well. Second, they come in a variety of colors, which means they will fit into a whole lot of different color schemes. Third, they have their own flair. Yeah, that's right. I just brought back flair! They are long, and elegant, and bright and beautiful. Hmmm, sort of sounds like The Girl From Ipenama.

Check out this tutorial from Flower Arrangement Advisor. The flowers used are...gladiolas, of course. Check out just how long they are, the florist has to trim them to size. The height is important because is gives the arrangement that "wow" factor.

Now, the style of the arrangement may not be exactly what you are looking tweak it to make it work for you. Pick up unique vases, add some ribbon, crystals, rocks, moss. Whatever ties it in to your event and makes it pop. But remember, arranging your own flowers is a lot of work. And not just the effort. It takes creative skill, which is not something that comes with directions. Hey, there is a reason why a good florist costs money. If DIY flower arranging is not for you, talk to a florist about incorporating gladiolas into your flowers!

Top photo courtesy of Opulent Creation Events
Bottom photo courtesy of The Knot
Video can be seen full screen at Video Jug

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