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L | D Finds : Indochino

Often, our boys get overlooked in a wedding or special event. It's true! Women get to have a lot of the fun and attention: what dress she wears, what shoes she wears, the jewelry, her hair, her make-up, the perfume, her mani and pedi. And this little ritual does not just apply for a wedding but rather her everyday life. When a wedding or special event roll around, forget-about-it. This ritual goes into overdrive!

Then, when it comes time to determine what the guys will wear, the women are like, "Our outfits have to compliment each other." This is like a foreign language to a lot of men and they frequently turn to Men's Wearhouse, Brooks Brothers, Macy's or Nordstrom to get suited up. For the most part, these are all great places...but what if you are looking for something a little different. AND, what if you don't have a few grand to spend on customizing your own tux or suit. Well I've got a solution: introducing, Indochino. They offer reasonably priced, online custom suits. Stylish suits, in fine fabrics, at a great price, delivered to your door! Nice; very nice.

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