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L | D Finds : BBoy Spee-d and Rock With U

I recently came across Rock With U through my good friend Jill Spear and I am in love! Rock With U mixes DJ's, MC's and live musicians, a concept that I absolutely love, love, love! Seriously, it brings me back to the Chaos days when I was a kid in New York. SIDE NOTE - Chaos was seriously the best club in the city! It had a baroque opera house feel with lots of red lighting, chandeliers and vintage antique sofas. But the best aspect of Chaos, was the live drummers performing on the main floor along with the DJ. Ah, those were the good times!

Anyways, as I was exploring Rock With U's blog I came across this video of awesome-ness. A man by the name of BBoy Spee-d and he is doing his thing. Enjoy!

PS - Want to elevate your next event? Visit Rock With U to find out how!

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