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TOTW : Eye Brow Waxing Disclaimer

This TOTW is short and sweet. Ladies, and men who get their eyebrows waxed - SIDE NOTE - good for you men who wax their eyebrows!! - do not experiment with a new salon, or a new esthetician before a special event or a holiday. Stick with who you know, the look you know and the products you know. Seriously, it's not the time to find out that a round eyebrow does not compliment the frame of your face, or that an inexperienced esthetician over plucked your delicate eyebrow.

If you want to explore a different look, or dye your eyebrows, or try out a new salon...awesome! I am all for it. Just start this process 6 - 8 months in advance. And don't even think that I am kidding, I am totally serious, because 6 - 8 months is how long it could take for your eyebrows to fully regrow.

Don't mess around with this advice. I have been sculpting my eyebrows since a I was a young teen. I've been fortunate enough to have them shaped by some amazing estheticians at incredible spas, including the J. Sisters, Ajune, Bliss, Red Door Spa. The list is too long. Hey, what do you expect, I was born and raised in the city. Having tasted the sweetness of a prefect arch, I've also tasted the sourness of the butchered brow. Yes, I've also been the victim to eyebrow slaughter. I know first hand what it feels like, what it looks like and how long it takes to recuperate from. So be smart, pluck wise before any big event!

Top photo courtesy of Flickr
Bottom photo courtesy of Gleny's Rome and Beyond

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