Life is a special occasion

daryl + john

On Sunday, one of my bride's sent me the link to their recent e-shoot. Before I even clicked the link I knew I would be posting their images on my blog, which is actually something I need to start getting in the habit of doing more often. It was actually my new year resolution! So, as I was scrolling through the AWESOME pictures Ashley Colhouer captured of seriously one of my fav-fav couples, Daryl & John, I knew I had to fulfill my resolution! These two are such a cute couple, so in love, and have the most creative ideas for their wedding. It's going to be a great event, but until then...

For more pictures of Daryl & John visit 1313 Blog!


  1. LOVE the images.... Congrats Daryl and John

  2. Lauren, Thanks for posting our e-shoot! We had so much fun and Ashley is absolutely amazing. Thank you for finding her for us. You are a great wedding planner.

    I can't wait to put together the invites with you :)