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2009 Design Trends

If you are interested in incorporating the latest trends from the hospitality industry into your next meeting or special event, head to Miami for the annual Hospitality Design Boutique Expo & Conference. Everyone from architects and hoteliers to interior and furniture designer attend the annual event, presented by Hospitality Design magazine, which showcases the industries newest design trends. What is hot for 2009? According to BizBash, the three emerging trends that stood out at this year's expo are the return of texture, geometric chandelier designs, and a new color combination. 

Texture was visible throughout the convention center both in textiles-including upholstery, linens, flooring, and wall coverings-and furniture design. The emphasis on bold solid colors of past seasons has taken a backseat to fabrics with depth. The new products from designers such as Bliss Studio, David Francis Furniture, Ronald Redding Designs, and the Andrew Morgan Collection are patterned. Fabrics are showcasing multiple colors and incorporating two textures of a single color in one design, while chair backs and tabletops are now receiving more intricate looks.

And when it comes to color, chocolate brown-accented by turquoise, lime green, and orange-has been in the spotlight for many months in home decor and event design. However, exhibitors at the HD Boutique showcased the new color combination for 2009: yellow and black. Though it may evoke the image of bumblebees, furniture designers are welcoming the new palette and incorporating it into their products as accent colors and through bold, statement-making pieces.

Photos Courtesy of Wish Special Events / Simply Stated / The Perfect Palette

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  1. Love the yellow and black! I have been inspired to create now. I'll have to let you know what I come up with. :)