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Take A Tax Deduction Off Of Your Wedding Expenses

You probably thought the last thing to add to your wedding to do list was to sit down and visit with your tax expert. This is one meeting you might not want to skip. Speaking with a tax expert before planning your wedding can save you some money and benefit some great charities all at the same time.  Here are eight money saving tips to try to incorporate into your event.

1. If you have your reception at a museum or public owned historic landmark or house, it is often a tax deduction for the free you pay to the historic society that owns the reception facility. Investigate this in advance when picking a reception locale. Many museums and are owned by non-profit organizations, so the rental fees will benefit the upkeep of the museum and are often considered a donation and therefore are usually a tax deduction . Speak to your accountant and see what venues count as a tax deduction.

2. According to Martha Stewart website that has 50 ways to save money at your wedding, after the event, if you donate your flowers to a hospital or nursing home is a tax deduction.

3. After the wedding, donate your wedding dress to a charity that resells wedding dresses and proceeds of the gowns go to charity, and its' retail value will be a tax deduction.  One organization is Bridal Garden that accepts dresses for donation to benefit disadvantaged children via the Sheltering Arms Children's' Service. 

4. Bridesmaids dresses, purses and shoes can be donated to the proms for unprivileged groups. One example is the Fairy Godmothers' charity in Flagstaff, Arizona. They take gowns, shoes, purses and jewelry from around the country. Check your local phone book to find a charity near you.

5. Instead of favors, a donation can be made in the guests name to a favorite charity. Many charities and organizations also make items that make great favors and wedding gifts that subsidizes the charity. 

6. Shop with vendors that donate to charities, such as The Greater Good, or the catalog or museum gift shops.

7. Look into the I do foundation for setting up a memorial fund or donations to your favorite charities when people buy your wedding gifts from your Home Depot, Amazon, Target, Mikasa, Gaiam, JCPenney and others. Plus you give 10% when you buy wedding invitations and wedding favors.

8. You will likely want to keep certain items from your wedding day ensemble, if they are not particularly sentimental such as your money bag or shoes or wedding slip, perhaps you can find a consignment shop that donates proceeds to charity such as Good Will or Salvation Army. They will help a good cause and another bride to be will be happy to have found a bargain.

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