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TOTW: Cake Cutting Fee

I knew I was over zealous when I announced a Tip Of The Day! Instead, I'm going to shoot for a Tip Of The Week, and this week's tip is on cake cutting.  If you did not know that venues can and usually tack on a cake cutting fee when clients bring in an outside baker, then check the fine print of your agreement.  A venue might even charge a fee when clients are using their in-house baker.  The usual fee ranges from $1.50 to $3.00, times 100, equals no thank you. 

What to do? Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. There is the "we'll walk out right now" route, which must be said with conviction; there is the "fine, we'll serve cupcakes" route, which you can't regret deciding when you don't have a three tiered wedding cake to cut; there is the "let's have Aunt Sarah cut the cake" route, which you have to make sure Aunt Sarah can handle, especially after a few hours of open bar; or, there is the "we'll serve individual cakes on each table" route, which is just so cool! 

There are options here, a lot of different options to get out of paying a ridiculous cake cutting fee. Because I can think of a million better uses of a few hundred dollars. For some more thoughts on negotiating cake cutting fees, check out this article from Project Wedding.

If you're thinking of having Aunt Sarah cut your cake, it might be a good idea to research how to cut a wedding cake. It is not impossible, but there are a few things to understand before tackling the project. Here is one of many articles.

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