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Wedding Gowns Under $250

Daryl, one of my favorite brides!, and I swooned over Fancy Dress. Their dresses are amazing creations for a bride looking to step a little outside the box. As it has been a few months since a Wedding Gowns Under $250 post and Fancy Dress deserves a post all to itself, I am happy to share with everyone a link to their new blog which showcases their sample sale items. That's right - I have literally given away a seriously good secret because every dress is perfection! And I am talking BDP: Betty Draper perfection!

The dress that jumped out at me is the Gracie, a poly satin with one layer of flocked dotted tulle, vintage grosse graine ribbon at the waist for $150. Okay so you have to be a size 6 (or smaller) to wear, you go to the gym and put the Häagen-Dazs away for awhile. At this price and considering the level of fabulous-ness (total BDP) ... it is beyond worth it, AND most certainly proves that beautiful can be affordable.

As I clicked away, coming across dress after dress after dress, I kept falling more and more in love with each one. Until I saw Jenny, and I fell so hard that I hit my head. The Grecian inspired shoulders, the lovely pewter green fabric, the overlay...everything. It's almost too much BDP. I know, you have to be a size 6, but HELLO...all this style and for $150? It's too good to be true. I can definitely put down the spoon for a little while to fit in!

See, beautiful can be affordable. Thank you Fancy Dress! You have an admirer for life!

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