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Significant Songs : Dean Martin

If you cannot tell by my blog, music plays a huge role in my life and my work. In my house, music is on at all times: from the moment I wake up, throughout the entire day, until I fall asleep at night. I can honestly say that I really love all types of music, and I event keep a running log of songs that I believe would be a unique option for significant songs in a wedding or special event. And just tonight I decided to start sharing them with all of you!

I'll Buy That Dream is an all time favorite song of mine, beautifully sung by Dean Martin. Without fail, every single time I hear it, I imagine it being used for a 1st dance. In my head, I envision a videographer filming in black + white, possibly using a Super 8 or 16 MM - HD of course.

This wedding definitely takes place in a grand ballroom, with a bride wearing a princess wedding dress and her new husband sporting a tux. To kick up the drama during this 1st dance, I'd shine a bright spotlight on them as they twirl around on the dance floor for the first time as husband + wife as Dean sings "Imagine you in a gown white and flowery / and me thanking dad for my dowry / a church full of folks / in those last minute jokes / I'll buy that dream...Imagine me on our first anniversary / with some one like you in the nursery / it doesn't sound bad / and if it can be had / I'll buy that dream." LOVE IT!

Don't be fooled, I am no fair weather friend to the crooners. I'm a huge fan of the Rat Pack and celebrate their entire catalog. As a young twenty-something in NYC, I was always listening to Sid Mark + Sunday's With Frank.

Side NotePhoto of Dean Martin his bride Jeanne Biegger on their wedding day courtesy of Art Weissman via IMDB. The wedding was held at Herman Hover's House on September 1, 1949.

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