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What LDE Friends Are Up To : Jessica Lorren

I love checking my Facebook page. I get to see what all my friends are up to, and what other people are going to try and copy and pass off as their own!

So this morning while I was scrolling through all the posts on my news feed, it came as no surprise when this awesomeness from Jessica Lorren popped up. Meet Kate + Paul. Don't they look like such a dreamy couple! And when you put dreamyness in front of Jessica Lorren - well - then you and I get to look at pictures like the one above...and sigh!

In a less than two weeks, Kate + Paul will be married and Jessica will there documenting what's most definitely going to be an amazing day. And then Jessica will give us all even more heavenly pictures to oogle over - again, and again, and again! Thanks, Jessica. Wedding world is a better with you in it! And Lauren Daversa Events is looking forward to working together on a beautiful wedding celebration for Kate + Paul.

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