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TOTW : Beyond Personal Flowers

Don't forget your floral budget needs to account for all of your event, not just the boutonnieres, rose petals and centerpieces. Flowers are utilized so many other areas of an event that are often put on the back burner. For instance, does your venue have light sconces on the wall that don't fit your scheme? How about unsightly vents, occupancy signs or outlet boxes you'd prefer to have covered? Think a further outside the box...could the bathrooms use a little flower power? Are the doorways in need of a garland? Is the driveway leading up to the venue dark and uninviting? Would uplights or pillar candles covered by hurricanes do the trick? And how about cocktail hour? Are the servers passing goat cheese tarts on silver trays? Wouldn't placing the delicate bites on top of banana leaves be a nice touch? And dinner - how will the food be presented on the buffet?

Many couples plan an elaborate event yet they don't budget funds to cover this portion of the decor. Unfortunately, they realize the need in the eleventh hour and have to increase the funds to maintain the look throughout the room/event or be left with incomplete look to their event.

Quality linen, flowers, leaves, branches, wheat grass, moss, rocks, acrylic pedestals, custom tables, fruit, silver or gold serving sets, personal pictures, books, mirrors, frames - I could go on for a long time - can be incorporated into the design of your event to add depth, fill in the space and accent the surroundings. But before adding on, check with the caterer to see what type of decor they will include in their pricing.

Don't be discouraged if you are working with a tight budget. Compromising on your budget does not mean you have to compromise on your style and decor! There are a lot of creative avenues to take to add nice touches, which can also cover the venue's sore spots. Working with a wedding planner is a fool proof way to maximize your budget while ensuring that you dot your i's and cross your t's - and don't get left with a bare buffet!

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

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