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Since I opened my company, my inbox gets frequent visits from people from all over the place asking me all sorts of different questions. Whether it's one of my own brides or grooms, a potential bride or groom, a mother of a bride or groom, or just a random person - they've all got questions or need some sort of guidance. And the flattering part is they want me to help! Fortunately, it's in my nature to want to help, which is a pretty good thing - after all, I am a wedding planner and it's my job to fix problems and guide my clients along on their planning journey. And from this, fresh off the press, I proudly present to all of you: ASK LAUREN.

"Is it okay to put 12 people at a 60" table?"

For me, it's an easy answer: NO. Under no circumstance should you cram too many guests at a table incapable of accommodating them. Even if you Google it and you find a seating chart that says 60" can seat up to 12 people, it's still not okay. Even if you are strapped for space, it's still not okay. Even if you have last minute guests who decided to come, it's still not okay. Even if the on-site coordinator is trying to tell you it's okay and your guests will be comfortable, it's still not okay. Plan for the comfort of your guests who traveled to witness the start of your new life and seat the appropriate amount of people at the appropriate size table. You might be able to convince me 9 guests can fit at a 5 foot table, but absolutely not 10, 11 or 12 because a 60" will comfortable accommodate 8 adult guests.

This is a common question and touches upon a large aspect of planning any event, which is logistics. Unless you have experience in this area and understanding how to layout an event space, it is unlikely a non-event person can answer them correctly. Working with a wedding planner will ensure that any of the scenarios listed above, or a myriad of other scenarios, do not play out during your planning process. They are costly headaches you will not want to deal with during the last few weeks leading up to you special day.

Have a question? Need some good advice? Don't know who to turn to? You're in luck! Email and let us help.

Photo of Lauren Daversa answering all sorts of wedding and special event related questions is courtesy of one of my favs Jessica Lorren Organic Photography.

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