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What LDE Friends Are Up To : Cabana Pictures

Lauren and Chris

Just this evening as I was checking in with Facebook, and a trailer popped up on my news feed that caught my eye. When I realized it was from my friends over at Cabana Pictures I knew I had to watch it, and of course it's amazing. They truly have a unique way of capturing moments.

In a few weeks, I will be working with an extremely talented team that I've assembled to produce a dream wedding celebration for my clients Libby + Jon, which includes Cabana Pictures. I've been planning this wedding for over 6 months and the big day is getting closer and closer. After watching their trailer, I am somehow even more excited for Libby + Jon's wedding. And might it even be possible that I am more excited than the bride + groom? Yes, I think it is safe to say yet - but that's because they have absolutely no idea what we have in store for them...stay tuned and in the mean time, check in with Cabana Pictures for your wedding!


  1. Thanks for featuring us on your blog, Lauren!! We are just as excited as you are for Libby + Jon. I know you are putting together an amazing event and we can't wait to film it.

  2. They did a wonderful job on this! Go Cabana :)