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Jupiter Wedding Planner : 101

Sometimes I get emails from the parents of engaged couples that say something like this, "My daughter is recently engaged. We are planning a wedding here in Jupiter. We don't know if we should hire a wedding planner." Basically asking me why they should hire a wedding coordinator and I love this question because there are so many reasons why! So many in fact, I've decided to compose a list! By the way, this list is not in any type of order :-)

1 - TIME

The average (key word here is average) wedding can take more than two hundred and fifty hours over the course of nine to twelve months to plan.

There are emails, phone calls, follow up phone calls, follow-up on following-up phone calls, consultations, multiple site visits, contracts, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And these are just the basics if everything goes as planned.

Part of hiring a wedding or corporate event planner is because many couples / clients lead an extremely hectic lifestyle and don't have the time or flexibility to deal with the big and small details that are necessary to plan an event. Hiring a coordinator ensures that someone will be able to examine all the options and recommend what is best. Hiring a coordinator means that someone is going to ensure that every single detail is seen to the way it needs to be. Hiring a coordinator gives you the time to enjoy your engagement and your wedding instead of running around for nine to twelve months with so much on your plate you think you might self combust at any moment.

Ultimately, saving time translates into saving the client money but this is for another post!

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