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Corporate Event Planning Tip : Camera Ready Wardrobe

As I shared in a previous post, I've recently returned to my roots...meeting planning and coordinating corporate events. One question I get asked a lot by brides is, "What should I wear for my engagement shoot?" ATTENTION CORPORATE CLIENTS, you should be thinking the same thoughts if you are hosting or speaking at an event, or will be on stage or camera. Whether it's a board meeting or a gala...your outfit is not what you want people to remember about you.

In an effort to lead you down the right path, remember the following tips when putting together your camera ready wardrobe for an event, so the spotlight will show the BEST you!

• Wear an outfit that is comfortable. Not sure if your outfit is comfy enough? Try this very simple test...sit down. That's right, make sure the outfit is still just as comfortable when you are sitting down as it is when you are standing up.

• Avoid small, high contrast patterns, lines, bold checks or plaids like the plague. They create distracting optical illusions, which are hard on the eye and on camera. If you want to kick your outfit up a notch, pick a solid color and throw on a colorful scarf or bow tie.

• A white shirt or white dress will reflect a lot of light. In fact white reflects too much light. Opt for a more neutral color like beige or stone. Or try a pastel color like blue, yellow, pink or purple.

• Ladies, keep in mind the length of your dress or skirt. Also be aware when walking up stairs because the people below you might be able to see your goods. That is, if your outfit is too short. In addition, if there is going to be cameras at the event, they tend to be placed at low levels. Again, be aware of your outfit...low level cameras leaves the door wide open for you to share your goodies with everyone in high def. Stick with a pair of slacks, tuxedo pants, a knee length or longer skirt or dress to keep the goods to yourself.

• Stay clear of trims like large bows or numerous ruffles. Like patterns, they are distracting.

• Guys, remove pens, phones, eyeglasses, chapstick...whatever, from your pockets. They are distracting and even worse, can leave people asking themselves, "Is that a gun in his pocket, or is he just happy to see us?"

The proper wardrobe selection will keep you shining like the corporate star that you are! You'll look phenomenal on camera and in print and leave everyone highly impressed. Keep in mind that these tips are literally the tip of the iceberg. To ensure you look the best for an event, and if your budget allows it, why not seek the help of a professional stylist. If your working with a smaller budget, ask a friend or family member who will tell you the truth about how you look. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.


  1. Business and corporate events are dull and boring. Successful corporate event planning requires a combination of skill, creativity, and resourcefulness.

  2. The key to corporate event planning success is corporate event planning 101. Each and every event differs from one another. It may differ in size, the age of the people and many other factors. It takes a lot of time and excellent corporate planning to make the event into a success. All this depends on the event planner.