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Wedding Band Engraving 101

You're mine sucker is exactly what I think of as a phrase for a wedding band. That's what I think of however not necessarily what I would want. But someone did because it was listed on E-Weddingbands list of their favorite wedding band engravings. My husband took it upon himself to engrave his own wedding band. His clever phrase is do not remove. I would have liked something like a perfect fit or Greg & Lauren forever or my heart is yours. Something simple and sweet. If you're stuck on stupid trying to come up with a sweet phrase, check out E-Weddingbands.

Photo courtesy of Engagement Rings


  1. How do they engrave the inside? They would need a really small tool, but I still can't imagine how they could get it in there without damaging the sides.

  2. Some rings are manually engraved, while others are hand engraved. I've never personally engraved a ring, but engravers do a fantastic job!