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DIY Marshmallow Fondant Cake Part 2

Here is the second part of my DIY marshmallow fondant cake that covers making a dummy layer and covering it with fondant. This is my first experience working with fondant, dummy layers, multi layered cakes, and baking cakes in general. For the most part, this has been a very easy process. There were a few snafus here and there but nothing that would have forced me to abort my project!
  1. Cut and place styrofoam blocks in the shape and size needed for the dummy layers.
  2. Wrap the layer tightly in saran wrap.
  3. Frost over the saran wrap.

  4. A few suggestions I read: once the layer has been frosted, place the layer in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. This allows the frosting to harden and will make applying the fondant easier and with less bubbles; after the frosting has hardened, smooth the surface with a paper towel, which will also help when applying the fondant.
  5. When you are ready to apply the fondant to the cake, place it on the platter which it will be served from.
  6. Now, to the dough! Sprinkle corn starch on the counter top, put the dough on the corn starch, take your rolling pin and start to roll out the dough. This is a bit of a work out at first, but it gets easier and easier as the dough becomes more pliable.
  7. Roll the dough out to the size needed for your cake. I need 28 inches because the cake is 12 inches and there are four 4 inch sides. This is my first issue. Do not forget to keep sprinkling corn starch on the counter or the fondant will stick and tear. Also, throughout the rolling process, lift the fondant as you are rolling it out and slide your hand below the fondant to make sure it has not become stuck anywhere. Be mindful of your finger nails when doing this because they can snag the fondant.
  8. To transfer the fondant I placed it over a large cutting board, carried it to the cake, and then gently placed it on the cake. This is another issue. I have a rectangular cake and smoothing out the corners was very difficult. I am sure there is a proper method to this, which I will have to research and learn. For now, I am going to cover my beat up corners with ribbon, flowers and polka dots.
  9. I forgot to take a picture of the fondant rolled out on the counter top, and since there is only one of me, it was impossible for me to take a picture of the transfer but this is a picture of the dummy layer covered in the marshmallow fondant and wrapped with a ribbon. I smoothed out the fondant with a Wilton smoother, trimmed the excess fondant with a pizza cutter, and I think it looks pretty good. All that's left to do is bake the real cake, frost, cover in fondant, apply the polka dots, add some flowers and this DIY will be completed.

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