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DIY Photo Sharing Kiosk

How many pictures will be taken by the guests at your next event or your wedding wedding? Probably hundreds to thousands. Wouldn't you like to have them? Of course you would. Well, good luck getting them! Okay, okay, okay- maybe your family and friends represent the one percent who will actually send all the shots they snapped at your event BUT most likely they will forget. Not maliciously of course; I'm no stranger to forgetting to send pictures. 

What to do - what to do - what to do? You could rent a Kedai for $499. A very nifty device, which also comes with a high definition monitor for immediate viewing pleasure. All you do it order the machine, Kedai sends it. Simple; a little pricey but simple.

Or, how about making your own photo sharing kiosk? Sounds more difficult than it is. All you need are three things: a laptop, a card reader and a family or friend appointed computer guard. Yup, that's it. Make sure to inform your guests about the download station, or else you wont get any pictures. If you have a DJ, they will be able to make announcements throughout the night. If not, set the station up by the exit and ask the computer guard to remind the departing guests. Then enjoy ALL your event pictures...for F-R-E-E!

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