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DIY: Invitations

DIY projects are money savers. If you have the time and want to put in the effort, there is nothing more rewarding than doing it yourself! Doesn't everyone want to save money? I am always searching the Internet for cyberspace treasures. It will take me a long time to list all of my finds but posted below are links to a few resources for those brides- (and grooms) -to-be who are going to tackle their invitations on their own...

  • Xpedx

  • This list will be updated so keep checking back!

    My 2 cents: CHECK THE SALES! Yes, certain companies and brands and invitations may be out of your price range but don't count them out quite yet. Check back in and see if what you liked went on sale, or is being discontinued, or something else you never even thought of. Why...because you never know!!! Also, inspiration...HELLO!!!!

    PS: Do you have cyberspace treasures? Or worse, cyberspace trash? Send your thoughts this way! After all, hindsight is 20 could make a huge difference in someone else's event!

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