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Signature Drink Of The Month: Lemongrass Mojito

I was introduced to the Lemongrass Mojito while I was watching an episode of My Fair Wedding. This is truly, a gem of a drink! Simply put, it is a Mojito with a lemongrass zing but not as sweet.

The Culinary Media Network, very cool website, has a fabulous recipe for a Lemongrass Champagne Mojito. This is a great option for a signature drink at any event. Inspired by the classic mojito, subtle and elegant touches such as organic lemongrass and vanilla add a twist to this classic, and Champagne delivers a class of luxury, akin to 'tasting the stars'. Savor this cocktail over a mountain of crushed ice made from spring water. The recipe is VERY detailed. Don't let this frighten you. The drink is worth it!

Photo & Cocktail courtesy of Culinary Media Network

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